This article is going to be the hardest one I make because the girls have tried a lot of hairstyles (some of them more than the others, yes I'm looking at you Fany ¬¬), so let's start.

Sunny: long, straight, dark brown, full bangs, high ponytail.

This hairstyles is used several times during their 3rd Japan Tour and I think that this one is the one that suits Sunny the most. That's a pity that she doesn't use it so much.

Taeyeon: long, wavy, ligh blonde, side parting, no bangs.

This one is lovely and fresh, she looks really young with it. I also love Taeyeon dark hair with bangs but this is just too much to be beated.

Jessica: long, wavy, light brown, side parting, no bangs.

Everybody here seems to like her blonde hair. Well, I hate it, more if she has bangs, and even more if she has it curlied, she looks like a Barbie. But this hairstyle suits her the most, and she looks younger than she is.

Seohyun: long, straight, black, side parting, no bangs, with or without red highlights.

This hairstyle makes her look mature and cool. Nobody can guess that she's the maknae. The red highlights just makes her look even more cool. She shouldn't try bangs nor wavy hair again, specially now that her face and eyes are fluffier than before.

Yoona: middle-lenght, wavy, dark brown, side parting, no bangs.

Yoona hasn't got too much hairstyles but this one is my favourite. She looks very fresh.

Hyoyeon: long, straight, dark blonde, middle parting, no bangs.

She looks really cool with that blonde, not like her bleach blonde or white. She looks really young and childish but at the same time she can look mature. It's something special.

Tiffany: long, little wavy, black, side parting, full bangs.

I really love this hairstyle. It's useful and suit her the most, even if I love her brown/red hair, this one is the best. She just pull it off.

Sooyoung: long, little wavy, brunette, middle parting, no bangs.

Words are not needed, this hairstyle makes her look like an angel. She can pull off bangs well but this just kill it.

Yuri: long, wavy at the end, dark brown, middle parting, no bangs, californian highlights.

This one is perfect, I just love it too much. She looks mature and fresh at the same time. I will never get bored of that hairstyle. It's another pity that she left it.

What about you? Leave a comment telling your opinion about SNSD hairstyles.