*These are the results of the Most Underrated Member polls that I conducted over the past few days. Each round I picked what I thought to be the best answer, and if that comment got chosen, the member that they've chosen would win that placement. Keep in mind that these are the honest opinions of the fans that left comments, so please do not bash them for stating their opinions.*

As usual, I was really wrong about how it would turn out. This is how I thought it would be:
1. Sunny
2. Hyoyeon
3. Yuri
4. Sooyoung
5. Seohyun
6. Yoona
7. Jessica
8. Taeyeon/Tiffany (I was undecided, so I didn't really care who'd come out last between the two of them. More information about that in the article.)

And the order will be like Our Club's Bias List, but just a little differently, going in:
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Starting from number one, here are the results! I tried being fair and impartial while picking the comments, along with getting different comments from different people.

I knew that she would be near the top of the list, but I didn't think that she would win first. Given the attention that SM gave her in 2013 until now, it seems that she's slowly getting more recognized for her talents.

Winning Comment
Hyoyeon got better in singing but nobody praised her for it. I find her better than Yuri and Yoona but thay still get more lines than her. Even if Hyoyeon is praised by her dancing skills and she's the best dancer in the group she's not having dance breaks in their songs, neither solos, neither dance competition. She has also rapping skills but SM doesn't even take care of her and train her. She's one of the least popular members, especially in Asia. There she is considered ugly and they don't like her much. In Europe and USA she is one of the most popular but they aren't even the 20% of SONES.

What we have is dancer that is pushed away by the image and the pretty members by Korea or Japan, a singer with a peculiar voice that won't get lanes even if she fit it, a potential rapper untrained and a member that is constantly insulted on the Internet.

I thought she would be at least 3rd or 4th, but I knew that she was underrated in some aspects. While she may do good at singing and dancing, there will always be someone that does it better than her, so people don't really pay much attention to what she can do, since everyone is focused on the members that perform better.

Winning Comment
Totally not being biased here but I think only sunny and yuri are underrated. Yuri is starting to get overlooked in dancing by Sooyoung and was always overlooked by Hyoyeon. Yuri even gets little lines even if her voice fits in a song.

Sooyoung- Gained so much more popularity, gets to be in front of dances sometimes, gets so much singing lines, sometimes even more than main singers.

Hyoyeon- despite not being able to show it like how she used to, she is known for her tremendous dancing. Some even label her as the best dancer in kpop.

Yuri however barely gets praised for dancing or singing. She's always getting overlooked by another member. For example, in acting it's all about Sooyoung and Yoona. In variety, all Sooyoung and Hyoyeon. When people are doing the talking - this is mainly for all the members - it's all Tiffany and Sooyoung.[i]

My Sunny is one of the more underrated members. It's understandable though. Her singing voice (aegyo and non-aegyo) is very unique and pleasant to hear, yet no one really acknowledges her for her voice, since she usually uses her aegyo-fied voice, which many people think is very annoying. (Me included. Sorry Sunny, but you're 26. Try to sound your age instead of an 8-year-old.) Same case with dancing. They just acknowledge that she can do it, but since she's known as the Queen of Mistakes, some undermine her dancing talent. No one can deny that she's an underrated member of the group.

Winning Comments
[i]For me it would be now Sunny. I think her singing is totally underrated, it's true that she sing's alot with her aegyo voice but these days it isn't that often anymore and it sounds really good (I think she sings good even with her aegyo voice). Also is her dancing totally underrated, ok she isn't on the same level like Hyo or Yuri etc but when she puts effort in her dancing it's really energetic and fresh. She also doesn't make mistakes in her dancing anymore.

Sunny is a main singer but even in Korean and Japanese comebacks she doesn't really get that many lines. Sure, there are a few songs but in some, her voice really fits but they give it to someone else. Plus! her voice is really beautiful. For me, it's my fave out of all the girls. For dancing, I saw SNSD IGAB performances towards the ending of the year with the dance breaks, and one where she was dancing with Hyoyeon and she really did a good job. She put the right amount of power and expression but nobody praises her from the dancing line and only think Seohyun can really dance. (Which she can but she isnt the only one) Now I'll just use other jobs.
Modelling: I've seen some of her photoshoots and she really is good. She can be sexy, cute, and pulls off a lot of looks. But she never gets recognized for it.
Acting: Well, now she's doing a musical like Seohyun did but nobody really praises her. It's all Yoona, Sooyoung, and sometimes Yuri and Seohyun. I think she's been doing a pretty good job.

Ah, Sooyoung. The girl who can sing, dance, model, MC, act, and with some more practice, has the potential to rap, is one of the members in Korea with fewer fans than the others. Granted, she's gotten more lines and screentime recently, but she's still underrated compared to the members left. It's a shame that people don't recognize her talent.

Winning Comment
Sooyoung is far better than the dance lane in singing but in the Korean comebacks (not the japanese) Sooyoung is tied in lanes with Yuri, sometimes she has more (Mr Mr), what I find totally unfair. Yuri can't stand a single lane in live, while Sooyoung is decent. In dacing, is the same as singing. She has very little screen time, they never shoot her in live performances (it looks that is funnier to shoot Tiffany playing with Jessica than Sooyoung singing). Sooyoung is a great dancer with the same level as Yoona but she NEVER is chosen to go to a dance battle. Only when one of the other 3 members can't go or even Seohyun goes before her. Sooyoung is the most talented member but people keep praising Seohyun just because in one thing she's better than her, in singing. Sooyoung is a great actress but they never pay attetion to her. She has challenging roles despite Yoona. But I haven't seen anybody praising Sooyoung. It's only Yoona. Her crying is heartbreaking. Sooyoung has won an award as MC, but you'll never hear about that if you don't go check, everything is Yuri and Tiffany. As a model, everything is about Jessica. Sooyoung is equally good but she'll neither get praised because she's in the bottom 3 speaking about Korean beauty standars. Sooyoung is still fluent in English but if you ask people Seohyun and Taeyeon will get more votes than her, one becuase has fame of studying person and the other because has a great pronunciation. It may look stupid what I'm going to say now, but Sooyoung otp are underrated. The only one that is pretty popular is SooRi. Sooyoung is a close member to everybody (maybe not Sunny) but people barely say something about her pairs. They are all very genuine but people just ignore them (just need to check Taeyeon pairs pools). Just to finsih, Sooyoung is not a popular member. She's pretty popular in Japan, Europe and I'm not sure about USA but she is one of the least popular in the great market of Asia.

Sooyoung is not underrated to be honest, but the other 5 members are more overrated than her, TTS especially.

This might be a little surprising since Yoona is heavily overrated for her looks, but since we're mostly talking about which member is underrated for their talent, then this should make sense.

Winning Comment
As time goes by more people are starting to pay less attention to her. She is not an untalented good-looking person. Maybe she can't sing as well as the other members, but she definitely can sing same goes with acting. And her dancing skills are pretty amazing.

Okay, so some people were a little surprised by me picking Seohyun instead of Jessica. While you could read my reasoning now, I'll explain why I chose her instead in the next placement.

Winning Comment
People seem to have overlooked her skills a lot. Seohyun is a great singer, but some people tend to not give her the credits she deserves saying she has breathing problems and stuffs. Even though many people have said that Seohyun dances well, not many people pay attention to her (at least that what it looks like).
While on the other hand, Jessica is considered to be 'the lazy dancer', but she always ends up being said to be one of the great dancer in SNSD in the end. And I don't think Jessica has been under Tiffany's shadow when it comes to singing, not even close.

I'm pretty sure some people expected TTS to be the final three for the most underrated, but here's why Jessica is here and not Seohyun.

The definition of underrated: to underestimate the extent, value, or importance of (someone or something).

Nobody underestimates Jessica's singing talent. We all know that she is the second main vocalist after Taeyeon, so her voice is very important. Just because she sometimes gets lesser lines than SeoFany, does not mean that we undervalue her voice compared to them. If anything, she's still way better than SeoFany anyway. People just don't exactly like to hear her high toned voice, since it can sound like she's not breathing through her nose. Just my opinion only. Everything else in this comment seems to be agreeable.

Winning Comment
Lately, she's been getting over showered by the rest of these girls.
Singing: She's aways been under Taeyeon's shadow but recently, she's also been under Tiffany. Plus, a lot of people prefer SeoFany over her in terms of singing.
Dancing: I agree at times she is lazy but other times, I know she can't put that much power into her dancing. On the ITNW tour, she fainted because she put all her effort into singing and dancing. People tend to forget she has a sickness like Krystal does( I forgot what it's called) Plus, if SM made her stick to dancing instead of switching her to a singer, she would have been the second best dancer.

I know this is random but.
English: If you ask a person on who speaks the best English in snsd almost everyone will say Tiffany. I know Tiffany has a clearer louder voice but they barely give Jessica English lines to speak so I think she's over showered in English speaking by Tiffany.[i]

[bAnd the final two! Who will it be?[/b]

As you remember from what I said at the top, I was undecided for who would be at the bottom for this poll, so I don't really have an opinion for these two. Just that now, they're overrated separately, and even more overrated when they're with each other.

[i]Tiffany has gotten tons of lanes recently but nobody thinks in Taeyeon. she's been getting the same or more amount of lanes than her but because Taeyeon is main singer and leader we ignore it. Taeyeon doesn't suit all the songs but she get a high amount of lanes in all them. Her dancing skills are truly underrated, she does her best, she improves but people still say she's the worst dancer. She is really hated because something that Taeyeon, Jessica and Seohyun can do freely, get lanes. This is not fair, I'm not seeing people hating Taeyeon hated because she gets lanes. I don't know what type of mistake is getting more lanes than Taeyeon when your voice suit it more. Because Tiffany usually don't get more lanes than Taeyeon, just in a few songs. People tend to ignore Tiffany's talent, when you ask someone for the most skilled member you'll get Seohyun and Sooyoung, and the most probably thing is that after them you''l get Taeyeon and Jessica, when Tiffany would the clearest option there. Enough words have been said, Tiffany is overrated in a few thing, Taeyeon in everything. You can't say one thing in which Taeyeon is not overrated.

Tiffany and Taeyeon are overrated but Taeyeon has been since they started and Tiffany since 2012.

And so, coming in at number 9 is...


It's no surprise that she's last. Based on what I've seen for the past year, this is my generalization:
Source: Me xD

And, we are done! Thanks again to the people that commented!
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