*Disclaimer: Solely my opinion. Just saying. Don't hate, since I'm won't even bother anyways, and don't tell me to listen to this particular song more, since I probably will only download one or two songs anyway.*

I really have no words for this mini-album... and I'm not saying that I'm blown away.

1. Holler

The title track of the song that seemed somewhat promising due to its music video preview yesterday, since all the glitz and glamour seemed to resemble the masterpiece that was Twinkle. But, alas, it's like every SM track that's used for promotions: upbeat with a repetitive chorus. It's not a bad song, and it's definitely not the worst song in the mini, but to me, it was really forgettable.

2. Adrenaline

Well, I find it better than the title track. It has a nice beat, and I like the whole jazzy feel to it. My favorite part is the pre-chorus leading up to the very repetitive chorus, which is the only thing that I didn't like. Overall, one of the more decent tracks.

3. Whisper

I hate this song. End of story.
It reminds me too much of Back Hug, which I also hated, since it's just another generic and sappy love ballad.
I liked Tiffany's parts though. I found that I liked her parts way more than anyone else in this song, and maybe in this whole mini album.

4. Stay

Not that bad, but still pretty forgettable. Tiffany still can't rap though, and the only part I actually looked forward to was the dubstep breakdown during the chorus with Taeyeon.

5. Only U

Also one of the more decent tracks on the mini, along with Adrenaline, and it seems like it's the fan favorite from the entire mini. It reminds me of Baby Steps, which was my second favorite song on Twinkle. They sound way better on this ballad than in Whisper, and Seohyun actually has potential in songwriting, since from what everyone is saying, she wrote the song, so I also liked that.


People have called this Problem 2.0, and I can see and hear exactly why they would say that: Because it actually does sound like Problem. No matter how many fans ask why it's nicknamed that, they can't deny that the verses sound like the same melody from Problem. But, anyways, I actually think it's one of the more decent songs on the album, since there's not much to compare it to anyways.

My Overall Opinion: After hearing Whisper a few days ago, I knew that this comeback wouldn't be as stellar as Twinkle, and I was right. The album was okay at best, but I'll still support them through promotions anyway. I'd say that the recent Mr. Mr. comeback is pretty equal compared with this.

Recommendations: Adrenaline, Only U, EYES (if you can get over the fact that it sounds like Problem)

Least Favorite Song: Whisper

I'll now end this article with some of the priceless comments I found on the Highlight Medley.

Thanks for reading, fan the article if you liked it, and I'll see you at the next article! Bye!