So, i'm here to talk about two things: the song and Sooyoung's recent treatement in Japan

So as you may all know, SNSD's "Show girls" was released yesterday, along with the Divine PV

My thoughts about the song: i freakin' LOVE IT. i know it sounds like two different songs but honestly, who the fuck cares? so many people praise Express 999 (me included) and it sounds like two songs combined. So, for me, that's not a valid reason to dislike "Show girls"
You could argue that the song, in general is quite silly and yeah i have to agree. it gives me a "circus" feel and all those randoms "whoo's" in the chorus makes me think of this song as a complete filler
however, it's different from everything SNSD has done, so far. the chorus is really catchy and fun. and the verses are really nice too.

Now, for the main issue of this article: Sooyoung's recent treatement in Japan

Is it just me or she's basically a Lead vocal in Japan now?

since 2013 that Sooyoung is singing more and more. and now that Jessica is gone i think she'll be a lead vocal in Korea too. unless SM decides to focus on TTS and Sunny's vocals only.

let's analyze all their japanese songs released since last year

Gossip girls- in this song, Sooyoung is the third member with the most lines. only Taeyeon and Jessica sing more than her

Motorcycle- altough she had the same number of lines as the other dancers, she gets to sing in the chorus, which are usually given to main and lead vocals

Flyers- this song is quite a mess because even on live performances, every member keeps lipsyncing each others' lines. so it doesn't really help. but, from what i hear in the official studio version, she sings more than HyoYulYoon and has the same number of lines as Sunny

Galaxy supernova- Do i need to explain? this is Sooyoung's song. lool. if you show this to a non-snsd fan, the person will think Sooyoung is part of the vocal line

Love & girls- same number of lines as the other dancers but her lines are longer, more memorable and require a lot more effort

My oh my- 3 freakin' lines. same number as Jessica, Seohyun, Sunny. only Taeyeon and Tiffany sing more than her and that's because they have adlibs at the end

Lips- she sings more than the other dancers and has the same number of lines as Sunny

Do the catwalk- tecnhically speaking, she and Yuri are the members with the most lines in this song.

Karma butterfly- nicely distributed song. every member gets 2 lines, except for TTS and Jessica

Língua franca- only TTS sing more than her. she has the same number of lines as Jessica and Sunny

Everyday love- 4 lines. same number as Sunny, Seohyun and Jessica. and she sings more than Taeyeon and Tiffany

Blue jeans- same number of lines as Jessica. she sings more than Tiffany. Sunny, Seohyun and Taeyeon sing more than her

Indestructible- the line distribution for this song is still quite a mistery but i know for sure that she sings more than HyoYulYoon. she also seems to sing more than Sunny and Jessica, with only TTS singing more than her.

Divine- according to the PV....Sooyoung has 4 lines, same amount as Sunny and more than HyoYulYoon.

Chain reaction and Beep beep- not gonna count these two songs because: even though Chain reaction was released this year, it was recorded in 2011. and Beep beep had an MV in 2013 but it was recorded in 2012. either way, Sooyoung gets a nice amount of lines in both songs

and now for their latest release, Show girls

i gotta say i was quite shocked. only Taeyeon, Tiffany and Jessica sing more than her. she actually has more lines than Seohyun and Sunny and the lines they gave her are actually very impressive and you can tell how much she improved. she sings very beautiful high notes in this song and i'm very proud of her

here's the line distribution

0:09-Seohyun, 0:25-Sunny, 0:40-Tiffany, 0:44-Jessica, 0:48-Sooyoung, 0:51-Taeyeon
All, 1:06-Taeyeon, 1:18-Jessica, 1:21-Tiffany, 1:25-Taeyeon, 1:32-Yuri, 1:39-Sooyoung
1:46-Tiffany, 1:47-Taeyeon, 1:51-Hyoyeon, 1:54-Sunny, 1:58-Sooyoung, 2:02-Hyoyeon
2:05-Yuri, 2:13-Tiffany, 2:15-Jessica, All, 2:27-Taeyeon, 2:30-Jessica, 2:33-Yoona, 2:44-Tiffany, 2:46-Seohyun, 2:50-Yoona, 2:53-Taeyeon, 2:57-Jessica, All, 3:12-Taeyeon, All, 3:27-Taeyeon

oh and..yeah, i don't think i need to comment about HyoYul's lines, do i? they're pathetic. their second line is basically a random "doo doo yeah"

even Yoona got to sing more decent lines, altough very short as well

but listen to Sooyoung's lines at 0:48, 1:39 and 1:58 and tell me what do you think. did she improve? are you surprised that Seohyun didn't get Sooyoung's line at 1:58, instead?

and do you think she's getting treated like a lead vocalist now? at least in Japan?