so this MY BIAS in SNSD and my opinion.. to them

1.Yuri- because she's my BIAS in SNSD.. i like her so much the way she dance and the way she sing... she's beautiful actually !!
2.Yoona- i like her too. but someone told me that she is flirt but i never believe it... yoona is pretty and can dance too especially she can sing
3.Seohyun- oh, i like her voice especially in the song oF MR.MR. she's pretty and have a cute face.. but in dancing,, she's not good at it
4.Jessica-oh, i love her soo much of her pretty face and cute voice.. I wish JESSICA will be back..
5.Sooyoung- i love her too.. i love her acting skill.. almost of her movie i watched.. i love the way she dance... but her voice got worst and lazy !!
6.Tiffany- i love her too.. i love her voice just like Seohyun.. but i think she cant actually dance
7.Taeyon- i love her being a leader.. i love the way she sings too..
8.Hyoyeon- i love her dancing skill... that's it.. i hate her just a little bit because she got angry of BIAS YURI because everyone tell that yuri was the best dancer in SNSD
the last but not the least
9.Sunny- i love her short hair,, her voice was cute.. and said she is the cutest member in SNSD