After the huge success of their latest album "Genie(Tell me your wish)" many news are circulating about the stage goodbye of the ever popular all-girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae or also known as Girls Generation. Since their first album "Into the new world" up to the latest song many fans look up to them including me, to be honest I am not really a lover of K-pop;i prefer listening to the J-pop songs which sometimes is used to be the opening and ending themes of our favorite anime shows but when a classmate of mine introduce me to watch one of their music video "Gee", my whole life turn upside down and now I am one of the fanatics that listens to their songs, copies their hairstyle and tries to copy their dance steps.Truly,there are no other girl gruop that is so good as SNSD.They really come a long way to stardom.Now as they sing the last song is it really goodbye for us SNSD fans?I hope not, truly they would come with much more songs to share with all of us,much more enjoyable songs and dance and most of all to try to captivate the hearts of all of us.