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Opinion by oliver7423 posted 13 hours ago
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Well.....no one noticed I wasn't active for a month. Well, I don't mind. I'm not popular so....eh.

Here is my new beauty list:

9. Sunny
- Finally! Her short blonde hair has come to an end. She looks good to be honest. The short brown hair suits her. My Oh My, Divine, that hair got me. Her lips are cute but not appealing to my eyes. She's actually the easiest member to identify since she has that lips and the shortest of the group. She has a great S-Line based on the The Best photo shoot. That is one sexy pose. Her bangs, the long hair wasn't helping though. Her suit as well. But overall, no change but at least she has gone better.

8. Seohyun
- The biggest drop. 4 spots went down. Man! She really looked awful now. It appears she has eye bags. Her hair color wasn't helping. The curly hair in Divine was so ugly. She looked the best for me in Holler. I like her innocence, but her cheeks were a bit round that really weirds me out. But still, she has a better face than Sunny.
Opinion by DaniMF posted 8 days ago
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I think some of you would be interested in this article, so I'm making it. Also, it's been a while since I made my other beauty list and my list change quite a lot.

I'm not counting Jessica since she's no longer in SNSD but she would be in the half bottom.

I'm going to repeat it once more, I don't hate her, I think that she can look pretty with the right makeup and hairstyle, but normally she is not pretty for me. Her eyes are ghostly, always with pronounced eye bags. She left her light brown hair colour, which fited her, so I'm not gonna put her higher at the moment. Let's see if SM regret and give her the colour again. My favourite Seohyun's hair colour, may I say. She improved her sexy side, though. She' not pretty for me, at all.

No bangs? Down. That's all, she would be higher if she would have fitting hair. She's always moving up and down in my beauty ranking depending on her hairstyle. It was perfect before, with full bangs and her extensions tied up, she got 6th when Jessica was in the group. But now, she's quite unnatractive for me. I don't like her without bangs, and I'm...
Review by snsdlover4ever posted 10 days ago
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Wow. Haven't written an article in a long time, so let's get started shall we?

I'm not getting into the whole "line distribution" thing, since in their Japanese singles, it's essentially the same thing over and over again (Hyoyeon only getting one line to make us remember that she still has a little presence in this song, Yoona getting filler English lines because she's the visual, etc.) Plus, that's pretty_angel92's territory when it comes to writing about line distribution, so I'm not stepping over my boundaries xP.

This song started out promising for me. Seohyun's voice didn't sound nasal unlike in some of their other Japanese releases this year, and Sunny's voice... I just have no words. She sounded AMAZING on her first part.

The pre-chorus wasn't that bad, but that change in tempo and beat was too sudden in my opinion. I liked hearing after a few more listens.

But then... BOOM. The chorus happens.

I'm sorry, but that chorus felt so disjointed from the whole song that it ended up ruining the song for me. At first listen, I didn't even know they were saying, "We are the show girls!" But then I realized...