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Opinion by DaniMF posted 3 hours ago
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This is a new ranking. It's been a long time. Hope you'll enjoy.


She's not a clear winner for me, once. Yes, she's good, but she's been kinda bad lately for someon who is in her level, recently she's gotten better, but that won't make me ignore her past. She's got tons of control over her voice, but her high notes has gotten worse.

Voice: 8th

Not very interesting for me.


Neither a clear second one. She has decent high notes, and a pretty good control over her low notes. She's kinda unstable when she sings too much.

Voice: 3rd

I love her tone, so husky.


Again, she isn't a clear third one. I think Seohyun has gotten a leven in which she can easily swap with Tiffany or Taeyeon. She's got an amazing control in low and medium notes, but the worst high notes in the vocals if we don't count Sunny.

Voice: 7th
Opinion by milli893 posted 3 days ago
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This article is just my opinion,no bashing.....
The reasons why I think snsd aren't as much as before are:
1.Their live performances - Their live performances are worse than before,I think since Sica left and since Holler promotion,they are so busy covering Sica's part and besides that,they have to sing their parts and they have to do the dancings and all ,so they must be feeling very tired and since TTS are releasing their albums,they are so tired,it can hear from their voices,it sometimes cracked and their voices become so soft,and they need to go to the awards ceremony as being in snsd and sub-unit group TTS,so they need to rest to have their performances getting better.

2.Their popularity - Their popularity is falling so much since Sica left and since the members have date,their are so many fans who have left snsd since Sica is not in the group,and them dating has gain more haters than fans,I don't mean that them dating is bad but it effects their popularity so much,especially Taengoo ,her dating has effect her so much,the others haven't gain much haters as Taengoo,but luckily Yoongie here gain some fans frome her beauty and her drama,she become the...
Opinion by milli893 posted 7 days ago
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6 fans
These people are one of the best sones here whom i have met,there are many other sones here,but to me these guys are the best,no best of the best

Gretulee - she's an amazing Fanytastics,she is kind and really straightforward,she always get a beautiful picture and she's a loyal Fanytastic

BlackPearlLuver - she's one of the best yurisistables around here,she is a nice person and she always use kind words for sure and she really love Yul,i'm sure of it

Sky_Yoon - and unnie here is really cute and kind,i really like her and thinks that she's absolutely amazing,she is a loyal sone and is so wonderful

Yuna1331 - she is really great,she always cheer me up and use beautiful words to me and is the sone which i think is really admirable and i like her a lot

DaniMF - he is really straightforward and he is really incredible,he is really useful to this club,and he is really nice,really

And some of the sones i like to get close to with :