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Review by snsdlover4ever posted 2 days ago
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*Disclaimer: Solely my opinion. Just saying. Don't hate, since I'm won't even bother anyways, and don't tell me to listen to this particular song more, since I probably will only download one or two songs anyway.*

I really have no words for this mini-album... and I'm not saying that I'm blown away.

1. Holler

The title track of the song that seemed somewhat promising due to its music video preview yesterday, since all the glitz and glamour seemed to resemble the masterpiece that was Twinkle. But, alas, it's like every SM track that's used for promotions: upbeat with a repetitive chorus. It's not a bad song, and it's definitely not the worst song in the mini, but to me, it was really forgettable.

2. Adrenaline

Well, I find it better than the title track. It has a nice beat, and I like the whole jazzy feel to it. My favorite part is the pre-chorus leading up to the very repetitive chorus, which is the only thing that I didn't like. Overall, one of the more decent tracks.
Opinion by Yuna1331 posted 3 days ago
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So i hope you like this article! Make sure you leave a comment guys, i want to know your ranking too, so let's just get started!

9. Tiffany

We all known that she's the worst dancer, i don't consider calling her the "worst dancer", she can dance but not the best. She's very energetic so sometimes i think that she's one of the best, well the others are better than her so that's why i think she called the worst. I hope you get my point :)

8. Sunny

Sunny is being so clumsy sometime that's why she makes so many mistakes,. But she improved a lot now, but i hope she will improve more.

7. Taeyeon

Taeyeon's snake dance in IGAB is one of the best! She's not the best in dancing but she's the best in singing, well that's okay.

6. Jessica

I watched there training before or after they debut. She was cool. But i think she's getting lazy in dancing now, she's a good dancer for me. She's so lazy on stage or live perfomances so that's why sometimes i thought she's the worst.
Opinion by Yuna1331 posted 5 days ago
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Here's my Beep Beep outfit/looks ranking. Hope you like it :)

9. Sunny

I'm not a fan of Sunny's hair, she really looks like Amber especially with her cap on!

8. Seohyun

You know what? I really hate Seohyun's super thin bangs, especially if she puts some lipstick. I really hate it!

7. Yoona

Yoona's hair is too messy, like a bird's nest,!

6. Hyoyeon

Her hair is too light for my taste. But she's pretty in this MV. I just don't like the cap.

5. Yuri

Yuri is too plain here. But her hair saves the problem, it's good.

4. Tiffany

I'm a fan of Fany's bangs, but i realize, with that bangs her face looks longer, and her hair is too shiny? Or too oily?

3. Jessica

Jessica's hair is good, but i'm not a fan of that bow.