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Opinion by snsdlover4ever posted 10 hours ago
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It's the SM and SNSD vs Jessica show! May the battle begin! (I bet it's getting annoying to keep seeing articles about this. XP Sorry.)

Lol no, but really this is just my thoughts being typed out on my screen, so this might not flow as great as I wish it could be.

I'm probably going to get bashed for this, but I might only keep it up for a day anyways.

So, I have been feeling that this would happen soon, but not in this super serious and sudden way that's making everyone in the Kpop world go crazy, especially Sones.

But really now? Some people are just too ignorant to figure out on their owns as to what the revealed story actually is, and go with mob mentality and blame SM for almost everything, while praising the member as if they're some angel towards the public, when they didn't even care about them in the first place.

Everyone needs to know that Jessica isn't the only member in SNSD, and that since SNSD is one of the biggest kpop groups alive, SM wouldn't just let her go over some small thing as her fashion line. There must've been something bigger that happened that led to this event.
Opinion by BlackPearlLuver posted 13 hours ago
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Hey! So if you haven't already known <which I'm sure most of you know quite well up to now> but Jessica is officially out of snsd. If you didn't know, lemme break it down for ya.
1. Rumour of her being forced out after message on her weibo. Almost everybody automatically assumed it's he was hacked.
2. SM later confirmed of saying that she is indeed out of SNSD.
3. Jessica finally released her side of the story.

Now, I was devastated. I still am! But now I'm curious- to the extreme. Now, this is what I have to say about this.

This is what SM has said about Jessica's departure:

[i]"This coming spring, due to her personal situation, she notified us she will halt her team promotions with the release of one [more] album.

Despite Jessica's sudden notice, the agency and the Girls' Generation members tried our best and tried to figure out a way that Girls' Generation's activities can continue in the best possible direction.
Opinion by Tiagih2 posted 1 day ago
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This will be my opinion of Jessica in regards to her dismisal as well as in her involvement with the group. I set this warning now, many people may not like what I write and I want to let everyone know that I am not sad that Jessica isn't in the group but will explain why

Naturally when I received word about the message on her Weibo many questions popped in my mind

""I was excited about our upcoming fan events only to shockingly be informed by my company and 8 others that as of today, I’m no longer a member. I’m devastated - my priority and love is to serve as a member of GG, but for no justifiable reason, I am being forced out.."

1. Could Jessica possibly feel this way and it not be a hack?
I ruled out that it was possible because the minute BLANC was started I knew to some degree it was a sign that shouldn't be in the group anymore.

2. Her number one priority is to be a member of SNSD, but was told by the company and the other eight (we know who) she was forced out, really?