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Opinion by DaniMF posted 2 days ago
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On this new article I'll be talking about pairings and ranking them from first to last giving my opinion. Since I can't post more than 20 picks, it'll be parted in 4 pieces.



I have nothing to say about them. Their moments are too random. I've got the feeling that they are friends but that's pretty much it.


I don't like SeoTae. I don't understand what's the new trend about SeoTae now with TTS. They feel really uncomfortable together. Plus, they barely see them despite TTS promotions.


I'm not the biggest fan on YoonTae. I don't think they're close and I don't understand how they are one of the most popular Taeyeon's pairs. But they have moments, something that SeoTae and HyoTae lack.


I like TaeRi, they feel real for me. People don't give many credit for them, but I adore them. Their moments are cute and sweet.
Opinion by milli893 posted 6 days ago
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1.Yuri-It's not much of a surprise seeing Yul here in 1st here,she's one of the main reason I got into GG,she's pretty,she's a good dancer and singer,and also I love her acting and all about her,she's amazing and wonderful,I never get bored of her.

2.Seohyun- Some people might find her boring but,the more I know about her,the more I find her interesting,she's good at everything,she has a good voice and she's not bad in dancing and her acting is good too,so,she really is talented,and one thing that I nearly miss is that,she is getting prettier day by day.

3.Yoona and Hyoyeon-I like both of them,so I can't pick over them.Yoong's beautiful and she's charming,and her dancing and acting is awesome,I can't ignore her good acting and she's so pretty.And for Hyo,she's the dancing queen,to me,she is the 2nd best female dancer in kpop (after Boa)I like her voice so much!It's husky and beautiful,she's unique.

4.Tiffany-Lately,she's my 2nd but now 4th,her eye-smile melt me,even if you search snsd picture,Tiffany's pic are always the most beautiful,her airport fashion is getting prettier and prettier,she's pretty and amazing,I like everything about...
Opinion by snsdlover4ever posted 13 days ago
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They're here to be your Valentine's lol.
Why hello there, people of the world. How ya'll doing? Hope you've all had the most wonderful Valentine's Day! :P I don't really consider Valentine's Day to be a holiday, since Valentine's Day is dedicated for couples and love and all that mushy stuff. But really, I don't understand why we need to celebrate and dedicate love with that one day. If you love someone, shouldn't everyday be like that?

But... I still got a stuffed animal from someone... ahaha. /laughs nervously/

Anyways, I've been MIA for a while now, and I have so many drafted articles that I gave up on them completely and deleted them. XD I'm seriously so slow, but don't blame me. Blame whoever effed up the desktop version for mobile phones. (=_=")

Plus, I've been super busy. I've been involved in a local musical production, though I'm not too thrilled about it since I just sing about the intermission and how all the people can buy food and drinks and all that stuff. :P Oh well. It's been a fun experience. And I'm Snow White, and the costume's SUPER PRETTY.