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Opinion by pretty_angel92 posted 8 days ago
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Woah it's been a while since i enjoyed a SNSD song 100%

i've seen many people hating on CMIYC but tbh i freakin' love it and i think it's one of their most solid tracks. there isn't one single thing i dislike, each part of the song blends really well and is catchy af. the choreography is AWESOME. so powerful and intense...
and finally the girls are bringing all the energy again

there's one thing everyone seems to be talking about, and in a positive way: the dance line
STOLE the show. they shined the most in this MV and no one can disagree with that

the sad part is that this most likely happened because...... Jessica isn't in the group anymore.

if it wasn't for that, i doubt Yoona, Yuri and Hyoyeon would have lots of screentime or lines

there's no point in mentioning Sooyoung because tbh, with or without Jessica, we all know she's been singing a lot, especially in their japanese songs.
Opinion by milli893 posted 8 days ago
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It's been a while since I wrote an article so,I'm little nervous,I really want to say these things out,I can't digest them,I need to take it out somewhere and I'm taking it out here,huh,long breath,let's start the article with 'Catch Me If You Can' MV

As first,I really don't like the song,I think it sounds weird but at the second time,I wanna scream out,the choreography was great,the song's catchy and the lyrics were awesome,but there is one thing I am little sad about,the main dancers getting so many lines,although almost all of the sones are happy about it,I am not.My bias is just starting to get proper lines,and I am sad,you may think me weird,me too,I also thinks myself weird and don't even understand myself,I was thinking whats with me?Why am I sad?Why are you like this?All these questions are coming through my head,maybe it's because seeing the main dancers getting less lines as usual,especially it's sad seeing Tiff and Seo,'cause they have a good vocal and it's sad seeing them getting so less lines,but fortunately,Tae got more lines despite seeing the comments before I watch,and Sun got more lines than I expected,but you know you may think that I'm angry and...
Opinion by snsdlover4ever posted 17 days ago
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So Sooyoung and Yuri are apparently going to debut as a subunit sometime in April, and fans are actually really excited for it. But, I just gotta say...


Honestly, I thought SM would give SHY as the next subunit just because most fans want it, and I personally would love to see how this plays out, but then, they snubbed Hyoyeon for this pick.


I really thought she'd get a chance to showcase her vocals, since the Immortal Song performance really made me believe that she can sing decently. (I even think she's starting to get better than Yuri, but I don't really have much base for this opinion, since the only thing I have as backup evidence is that one video.)

/sigh/ I can only wish now. What do you think of this? Leave a comment below!

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