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Opinion by snsdlover4ever posted 14 hours ago
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Well, this is just my personal list. The Twinkle MV won't be included, since it's just part of their subunit... and they just looked too good in that. XD There are multiple favorites for each member for me, but I wanted to have different MVs for each member, so... Enjoy!

Taeyeon: Mr. Mr.
Well, I personally LOVED her look in this MV, even if I didn't care too much for the song. The thing that made me really like her look is her eye makeup. It really sets off her beautiful eyes, and the screencap justified her overall look.
Honorable Mentions: Run Devil Run (Korean/Japanese), Genie (Korean), Into the New World

Jessica: Love and Girls
I really liked her hair and outfit in this dance MV. Personally, I like Jessica hair when it's wavy and a light honey blonde color, and she almost always pulls off anything she wears. I really want that polka dot t-shirt she's wearing! >.<
Opinion by BlackPearlLuver posted 3 days ago
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Hello! I'm doing another article and this time it's my list of the best voice. I'm not being biased in this and number 9 is my least favourite voice and number 1 is my favourite voice. So let's start!

9. Tiffany
I used to really like her voice. I guess hearing it so much threw me off basically. Lately, I find her voice kind of unpleasant to hear.

8. Sooyoung
I've never really been to into her voice. I don't find it that special and only at certain times I really like how she sounds. I really don't get it because at some times, I'm totally in love with her voice but at others I despise it. It's just been lately that I've started to not like it as much.

7. Yoona
I used to really like her voice. It sounded so sweet and cute. But lately I'm starting to find it unpleasant. I'm sure she doesn't sing properly and she normally has a deeper voice hence why she can't improve that much.
Opinion by sgsone posted 3 days ago
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BaekYeon moment<3
Well I am writing an article about BaekYeon (well obviouslyXD)
Anyways...I've been feeling very angry and frustrated these days because of the bashing of BaekYeon so I decided to write this article to vent our anger!!

Okie,so where should we start?Mm...got it!


As you all might know,EXO-L is the official name of Exo fans.Being a Baekhyun bias,I don't see a freaking reason to hate BaekYeon.Nowadays,I think it has calm down a little (hate comments) but I still see people drawing on Taeyeon's posters and posting them on social media and one of the things I saw was this:

People doing this obviously are increasing sales of her posters and Oreos .


Idiots would probably think that BaekYeon mocked us using their social media.The only reason they did SNS was to update us about them,and now?You are blaming them.