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Opinion by naoimings posted 6 hours ago
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Personally, i really like OTPs and I think they are so cute, but i hate when there are fans that love one pairing so much, they start cursing ppl who don't ship that pairing.For example, when i see questions on this club asking what is ur OTP and some ppl answer yulsic, there are ppl that tell them 'Yulsic sucks, yoonyul is the best' or stuff like that, or on polls that say taeny or jeti, the ppl who pick taeny would be like 'Why pick jeti, taeyeon and tiffany can never be seperated' well at least not all fans are like that. I always see ppl on fanpop saying that yoonyul are bfs , same thing with taeny and other pairings, but we never really know if it is true. So I gathered all info i can find on the internet, and i saw members confessing who is their bf, so now i know who are bfs in snsd.

tae and sunny are best friends, tae and fany are just very close friends

sica,fany,and yoona are like a trio of bfs

hyo is bfs with seo , soo, yul, fany and sica
Opinion by naoimings posted 20 hours ago
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Hi, I'm new here so i thought i would share my bias list with the ppl on fanpop.

Yoonaddicts plz don't hate me, i love her, it's just SOME (putting emphasis on some) fans who are very delusional make her less interesting for me. Her tone when singing is very cute and sweet , but she has to work on her techniques. Her dancing is is very good and she is very precise, but i don't feel her emotion sometimes. Sometimes i find her very beautiful, but sometimes i find her very plain, i think she does a good job keeping her image and the visual for the group.

Same thing with sica SOME fans make her less interesting for me. Her techniques while singing are amazing and knows how to maintain her voice very well, but i don't seem to like her tone very much. Her dancing is good when she puts effort into it, but most of the time she is lazy. I think she is pretty , but not beautiful. i think she deserves her spot as the 2nd main vocalist.
Review by DaniMF posted 2 days ago
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This is going to be a review about their first album. It's an article that I wanted to make long time ago and now I found time to make it. First of all don't expect that all the songs are ranked more than 7 or 8, I can't like all songs and this is my opinion. Hope I won't offend you, this is only opinion.

#01 Girl's Generation
This song was a great hit and still a classic. The TaengSic high notes were really good and I loved Tiffany's and Sooyoung's parts. They were so nice.

Result: 7/10

#02 Ooh La-La!
This song has an childish air that I like. Overall I liked the song and all the voices fited toguether, especially Yuri and Yoona's voices, they ruled this song. Tiffany's English lane at the start was so nice too. But I didn't like the bridge, I think it didn't fit the song, was like they wanted to make the song even more childish.

Result: 6/10

#03 Baby Baby
This song makes me realize how they changed. Their voices were so soft and now they can be really strong. The chorus is soft but catchy and Sooyoung nailed it with her lane.