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Opinion by pretty_angel92 posted 1 day ago
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Since i never wrote an article about this, i think now is the right time xD

note: If Jessica was still in SNSD, she would be in my bottom 2. maybe even my least favorite

Number 8-Sunny

I freakin' knew this would happen eventually. so yes, Yoona stans, you can celebrate, because your bias isn't my least favorite member anymore
Just so you know, Sunny used to be my third favorite. I thought she was cute and silly and i had fun watching her on variety shows.
But ever since 2013 that she comes as a bit of a try-hard to me. everything about her feels forced and she just doesn't interest me anymore. Truth to be told, when i'm watching a new SNSD release, i end up forgetting Sunny is in the group. and when she appears in the MV, all i can say is "OMG i didn't even realize she was missing"
there's also the fact that i think Sunny doesn't care about SNSD anymore. she's one of the most forgetabble on stage, and when she actually tries to be memorable she comes off as ridiculous to me. I don't know if it's just me, but everytime Sunny tries to be...
Article by milli893 posted 22 days ago
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English Translation:
Why does it break my heart
Your frozen eyes
They seem to be crying
I want to go up to you and hug you

You can lean on me
When no one’s by your side
I’ll wait for you, always
Oh, you’re the only one for me

If only my tears, my love could take you in
I’d wrap my soft touches
Warm stare around you

Even if you act alright
I can feel how exhausted you are

How long have you been fighting alone
You don’t have to say
It’s only a painful past
I love you, always
Oh, your secret too

If only my tears, my love could take you in
I’d wrap my soft touches
Warm stare around you

If only I could lie down next to you
And share the same dream with you

I love you, I love you
I say inside
I love you, I love you
If only you could hear

Opinion by DaniMF posted 1 month ago
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On this new article I'll be talking about pairings and ranking them from first to last giving my opinion. Since I can't post more than 20 picks, it'll be parted in 4 pieces.



I have nothing to say about them. Their moments are too random. I've got the feeling that they are friends but that's pretty much it.


I don't like SeoTae. I don't understand what's the new trend about SeoTae now with TTS. They feel really uncomfortable together. Plus, they barely see them despite TTS promotions.


I'm not the biggest fan on YoonTae. I don't think they're close and I don't understand how they are one of the most popular Taeyeon's pairs. But they have moments, something that SeoTae and HyoTae lack.


I like TaeRi, they feel real for me. People don't give many credit for them, but I adore them. Their moments are cute and sweet.