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Opinion by JG444 posted 1 day ago
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To All SNSD/Girl generation Fans:

The girls of SNSD and Jessica need our help. We need a coordinate response from all Fan in USA, Korea, China and Japan. Here is the purposed plan:

1. We need to push SM Entertainment and Jessica to make a deal.

2. The Deal -SM Entertainment will bring Jessica back into the SNSD group ,Jessica will give SM Entertainment 10% of Blanc net profit, 15% of net profit will go the other girl members of SNSD. Jessica and her partners will keep 75% of net profit.This is a win win for all parties.

SM Entertainment will use their marketing expertise to help Blanc. In the future other members can open their fashion lines with the same deal. Everyone will make a lot of money.

3. To force SM Entertainment to the table to make the deal we need all fans to do the following:

(A) All young fans will ask their parents to Sell Short SM Entertainment's stock- Just 1 to 10 share will do. Older fans can short sell the stocks themselves. The cumulative effect will add to, large numbers short shares being sold and the market place will do the...
Opinion by snsdlover4ever posted 5 days ago
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I'm still rusty at trying to make these kinds of articles again, so don't mind how horrible this might sound. Anyways, I finally have some inspiration for writing these again, so I have a few in draft mode. Hopefully this won't seem boring... let's begin anyways.

Social media is very common for idols to have now, especially since the majority of kpop fans got known to kpop through the Internet. It allows the common fan to communicate and interact with their favorite idols, and also is a way to see a bit of their daily lives.

But, with the benefits of social media known to everyone, there's also major disadvantages of owning and operating a social media account.

Take Instagram for example. Taeyeon is well known for being the first member to open her Instagram page, and is also known to others for being a "sly fox" when it comes to updating on Instagram nowadays. Let me explain.

Opinion by milli893 posted 5 days ago
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1. Sooyoung - miss beautiful.....she got a pretty face and her without make-up is so pretty....her charms lies in her face,she has a beautiful face,of course

2.Yoona - no wonder she is the 'face of the group'..so beautiful and so pretty!no wonder she is so popular..

3.Tiffany - our eye - smile beauty is here....her face is smooth and kinda creamy and i love that looks so much

Hyoyeon - she is pretty,all right .... many says that she's ugly,but i don't think so...all in her is pretty,and she's perfect....okay,amazing suits her the most

5.Yuri - she has such a beautiful face and with make-up she is the prettiest in my opinion,but she's still pretty without make-up too

6.Taeyeon - our kid leader is so pretty, her prettiness is not something you could look down to...she is so amazingly cute and pretty too

7. Seohyun - our maknae is so pretty,all kind of make-up or clothes suits her...'cause she's so pretty,i love her so so much