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Opinion by demmah posted 2 days ago
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Tiffany Experiences A 'Pink Fantasy' For Beauty+

Girls' Generation member Tiffany starred in "Pink Fantasy" for the December issue of Beauty+. The highly anticipated issue follows an everlasting party theme, because of the end of the year festivities. The featured topics include 'fastball' cosmetics, the keratin face mask trend, and holiday makeup tutorials.

Tiffany's pictorial included a lot of pink, since that is the star's favorite color. She modeled fur coats, white stockings, short-shorts and open-toe pumps while posing on a bed with a dramatic headboard. The set was constructed to look like an elegant bedroom, so it included long curtains, numerous decorative pillows and plated desserts.
Tiffany is currently the face of makeup brand IPKN, so all of her looks were completed with products from the Fall/Winter 2015 season. She used several shimmering lip glosses and tried neutral beige eyeshadow for her eyes. Her brows were shaded in heavily and her hair followed the new fading trend (the top was black and it faded to blonde midway down).
News by demmah posted 3 days ago
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Girls’ Generation – TTS to Release Winter Mini-Album, ‘Dear Santa’

Girls’ Generation – TTS, made up of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun, is set to release a new mini-album for this winter season. The mini-album will be made up of six songs, with “Dear Santa” as the title track. Seohyun participated in writing the lyrics for “Dear Santa”, which will have both a Korean and an English version.
The “Dear Santa” mini-album will be released on December 4th at midnight KST. Image teasers are currently being released through Girls’ Generation – TTS’s official website.

Sources: Newsen, Girls’ Generation’s Official Website
News by hanima_sunny posted 7 days ago
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Girls' Generation discuss their nearly perfect teamwork as 8 members

November 22, 2015 @ 1:57 pm

Members of Girls' Generation opened up about their teamwork in their recent exclusive concert 'Girls' Generation 4th tour Phantasia in Seoul' on November 22 at Olympic Park in Seoul.

The girls said, "There are a lot of happy memories when looking back at this past year." Hyoyeon continued, "Shooting a reality show with all the members was the most memorable. It was really fun and I was really happy, we talk about it even to this day. We had the best teamwork this past year. It was nearly perfect."

When asked about their secret to being able to continue reigning the top for nearly ten years, Tiffany answered, "We constantly released music because of the love that our fans have given us. We constantly promoted and worked on our music with passion. We anticipated new tracks and kept reminding ourselves to work hard. It's all because of teamwork."