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News by demmah posted 4 days ago
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​Girls' Generation finally confirmed their Summer comeback date!​

Girls' Generation announced to make their comeback on July 7. SM Entertainment said, "Girls' Generation will release a new single entitled 'PARTY' on July 7 at 10 p.m. via online music stores. We try to show various colors of Girls' Generation​ in this album with 3 different songs entitled 'PARTY,' 'Lion Heart,' and 'You Think.'"

Meanwhile, Girls' Generation will make special appearance on SBS variety show 'Running Man' episode 254.

Korea.com’s Emily You (maintyoung@korea.com) contributed to this report from Seoul.​​​​​​​​​
Opinion by demmah posted 5 days ago
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SM Entertainment announced that detailed information about Girls' Generation's awaited comeback will be revealed next week!

On June 27, the agency stated, "Nothing has been confirmed for the schedule of Girls' Generation's comeback. The schedule will be confirmed next week. They've currently wrapped up filming their music video in Thailand with director Hong Won Ki." This comes as great news for fans who've been waiting for details for quite a while!

Their return will mark the first time Girls' Generation will be making a domestic comeback after the leave of Jessica.

Are you excited for Girls' Generation's comeback? How do you think they'll fare as an eight-member group?
News by demmah posted 5 days ago
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Upon completing their Tokyo Dome Tour on June 24th, Girl’s Generation has launched into full preparations for their July comeback.
However, on June 21st, screenshots of a “Catch Me If You Can” music video that included Jessica surfaced with the full music video leaking just hours later. In addition, it was revealed that a Jessica & Krystal subunit had finished recording their album and a complete music video but was cancelled, along with plans for a second season of Jessica & Krystal the tv program.
Upon this news, user @RealSamchon, took to Twitter to reveal details about Jessica, stating that she was initially supposed to go on hiatus after Girls Generation finished their dome tour as 9 on the 24th. RealSamchon is known to have a great deal of insider information about Girl’s Generation, and is a prominent figure in the international SONE community.
Koreaboo has compiled tweets and rumors to summarize the rumors and speculations by both RealSamchon, OnionTaker and others.