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Yoona Is A Beautiful SUPER ELLE Model!

190406 Taeyeon “Four Seasons” wins 1st place on today’s MBC SHOW MUSIC CORE!

Girls' Generation-TTS 소녀시대-태티서 'Holler' 태연 위주 4K 직캠 Fancam by Mera

TAEYEON (태연) - Blue

TAEYEON 태연 '사계 (Four Seasons)' MV

TAEYEON 태연 '사계 (Four Seasons)' The 3rd Season

TAEYEON 태연 '사계 (Four Seasons)' The 2nd Season

TAEYEON 태연 '사계 (Four Seasons)' The 1st Season

Tiffany Young - Lips On Lips Official Music Video

Tiffany Young - Not Barbie (Official Audio)

Tiffany Young - Runaway Feat. Babyface (Official Audio)

Tiffany Young - The Flower (Official Audio)

Lips On Lips EP Out Now

“Lips On Lips” Premieres on US Radio KIIS FM | Tiffany Young

Tiffany Young - Lips on Lips (Official Audio)

Tiffany Young | A Thank You for Valentine's

Tiffany Young - Born Again (Official Music Video)

めちゃ²イケてるッ! Mecha-Mecha Iketeru! - 少女時代 Girls' Generation [English Subtitle]


“Born Again” In The Making | Tiffany Young

Why Tiffany Actually Left SM Entertainment

Sunny (SNSD) aegyo behind Tiffany (SNSD) but she doesn't know

Seohyun (SNSD) copycats Park Hae Jin

[HD-1080p]SNSD MV Preview Teaser (Echo, Hoot, RDR, Genie 3D)

[11.05.11] Hoot @ SNSD - Input 2011 Seoul Conference Concert

One Year Later @ Jessica (SNSD) - Into The New World 1st Asia Tour

Sunny ( SNSD ) - Sunny

110724 SNSD 2nd Tour in Seoul snsd Sunny - three 3 (Britney Spears)

130106 hope concert snsd sunny

130526 SNSD Happy4 KPOP Concert in Taiwan MrTaxi Sunny

130526_Taiwan Happy 4 K-POP Concert Sunny

130526_TaiwanHappy 4 K-POP Concert Sunny

[Fancam] 131222 Bloom (피어나) - Sunny (Märchen Fantasy)

거울아 거울아~♬ 거울에 실망한(?) 써니 x 윤아 공주 아는 형님 89회

방송 최초 공개! 소녀시대 써니의 하루 일상 [너에게 나를 보낸다] 2회 171109

every Girls' Generation MV but only when Sunny has a line | 소녀시대 x 써니

예능 분량 뽑는 리액션 갑 소녀시대 써니

롯데몰 수원점 오픈기념 소녀시대 팬사인회 써니 1 korea girl beautyful

Yoon A, Sunny, Soo-young(feat. EXO K) - Marry you, 윤아, 써니, 수영(feat. EXO K) - 메리 유

【TVPP】Sooyoung(SNSD) - Sway, 수영(소녀시대) - 스웨이 @ SNSD's Christmas Fairy Tale

SNSD Individual Clips of '훗Hoot' スヨンSOOYOUNG's Clip






SNSD Special PART 2★100 MINS from IGAB to HOLIDAY era★

SNSD Special PART 1★100 MINS from DEBUT to IGAB era★

쉼표 Fermata (Instrumental)

몰랐니 Lil’ Touch (Instrumental)

쉼표 Fermata

몰랐니 Lil’ Touch

Tiffany Young - Peppermint (Official Audio)

HYO & 3LAU 'Punk Right Now' Dance Practice

HYO & 3LAU 'Punk Right Now (English Ver.)' MV

HYO & 3LAU 'Punk Right Now' MV

HYO & 3LAU 'Punk Right Now' MV Teaser

Yoona SNSD - When The Wind Blows 바람이 불면 (Jap ver.)@ SMTOWN Osaka 2018

Taeyeon SNSD - I (Jap Ver.) + Stay @ SMTOWN Osaka 2018

SM Town - Hope(빛) @ SMTown Osaka 2018

Girls’ Generation [SNSD] (소녀시대) All Songs & Album Compilation [KOREAN SONGS]

뮤직뱅크 Music Bank - 꿈(Illusion) - 유리(YURI).20181005

[Weekly Idol EP.375] The Most Excited YURI! the completion of the game

[Weekly Idol EP.375] YURI's The perfect dance of a 12-year-old singer.

[Weekly Idol EP.375] the cute figure of YURI

[Weekly Idol EP.375] YURI, Random play dance challenge alone

뮤직뱅크 Music Bank - 빠져가(Into You) - 유리(YURI).20181005

[Weekly Idol EP.375] The first release of YURI's new song 'Into You'

YURI 유리 '빠져가 (Into You)' MV

YURI 유리 The 1st Mini Album "The First Scene" Highlight Medley

YURI 유리 '빠져가 (Into You)' MV Teaser

Tiffany Young - Teach You (Official Music Video)

Girls' Generation-Oh!GG 소녀시대-Oh!GG '몰랐니 (Lil' Touch)' MV

Girls' Generation-Oh!GG 소녀시대-Oh!GG '몰랐니 (Lil' Touch)' MV Teaser

Tiffany Young - Over My Skin (Official Music Video)

GIRLS' GENERATION Debut 11th Anniversary Message

TAEYEON テヨン 'Stay' MV


윤아 (YOONA) X 이상순 '너에게 (To You)' MV

Raiden X YURI (Girls' Generation) - Always Find You (Official Music Video) [English Version]

[STATION] 유리 (YURI) X Raiden 'Always Find You (Korean Ver.)' MV

Tiffany Young Talks Possible Girls' Generation Reunion | Billboard

TAEYEON 태연 'Something New' MV

TAEYEON 태연 'Something New' MV Teaser

HYO 'Sober (Feat. Ummet Ozcan) (English Ver.)' MV

HYO 'Sober (Feat. Ummet Ozcan)' MV

180318 - Tiffany 🥇••• first live on facebook 🎥✨

Tiffany Young - Remember Me (from Disney’s “COCO”)

2010/12/02 제12회 한중가요제 태연 - Hoot 직캠 by DaftTaengk

2010/12/02 제12회 한중가요제 소녀시대 - Hoot 직캠 by DaftTaengk

2010/11/20 100.3Mhz 개국 축하 콘서트 소녀시대- Hoot + 인터뷰 직캠 by DaftTaengk

2010/11/18 제8회 대한민국 영화대상 소녀시대 - Hoot + Genie 직캠 by DaftTaengk

2010/10/13 키코 바로알기 시민참여 문화제 태연 - RDR + Oh! + Gee 직캠 by DaftTaengk

20150710 FULL-HD 소녀시대 전체 BY 철이 147company - kbs 뮤직뱅크 신관공개홀

170812 DMZ 평화콘서트 소녀시대 - Holiday(홀리데이) Full Ver by 힙합가이

170812 DMZ 평화콘서트 소녀시대(Girl's Generation) 윤아 - Holiday by 힙합가이

TAEYEON 태연 '겨울나무 (I'm all ears)' Special Video

180110 태연 (Taeyeon) 레드카펫 (Red Carpet) 직캠 Fancam by Mera

SNSD's Yuri confirmed as Aebong for 'Sound of Heart 2'

SNSD's Yoona to be a part-timer on 'Hyori's Bed & Breakfast' Season 2