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Girls of The Vampire Diaries Videos

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Caroline Forbes | I'm in here

Caroline Forbes - Meds

Caroline Forbes | Haunted

The Vampire Diaries | Caroline Forbes - Save Me

Caroline Forbes | Colorblind

Caroline Forbes || Stand in the rain

Caroline Forbes [shattered]

...that girl's a genius (caroline forbes)

Katherine Pierce - The Vampire Diaries Trailer

TVD || Katherine Pierce || I'm a B*tch [2x07]

Isobel [Cannibal]

Bonnie Bennett [Whatcha Say]

Caroline Forbes [She's A Genius]

Caroline Forbes -- Only Human

Show Me Your Teeth (Katherine Pierce)

Katherine Pierce (Run This Town)

Katherine Pierce // Run this town

Katherine Pierce | Misery

Katherine Pierce // Don't Trust Me

Katherine Pierce // E.T. ( Futuristic lovers)

Katherine Pierce - Can't Be Tamed

Katherine Pierce [Can't Be Tamed]

Katherine | Just Like a Circus

Katherine Pierce 2x07 - Pearl (Vampire Diaries)

Katherine Pierce | Circus

Katherine Pierce || 2x07

The Vampire Diaries -Katherine

Katherine (Vampire Diaries) - I am the queen

TVD Season 2 ; Teenage dream

Katherine Pierce; Devil or Angel?

Katherine & Caroline - [The Vampire Diaries] - (HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!)

katherine vs caroline | "game on..."

Vampire Diaries Girls-When I Grow Up

[caroline forbes] bring me to life x

Elena, Bonnie and Caroline: History Repeating Clip 17

Elena, Bonnie and Caroline: History Repeating Clip 14

The Vampire Diaries- Elena/ Katherine/ Caroline/ Bonnie - GAME ON!

Katherine Pierce // Im a free b*tch

TVD ; katherine pierce || counting bodies

Katherine Pierce is a Cannibal! [The Vampire Diaries]

Katherine + Caroline | Cannibal


Cannibal ( TVD ) girls♥

Katherine is a ((Cannibal))

Caroline&Katherine [Cannibal]

Vampire diaries- Elena Gilbert - Effigy

Effigy || Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert // Keep Holding on

Elena Gilbert - Tik Tok

Katherine Pierce Pierce returns to Mystic Falls.S01EP22