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Hey can anyone suggest some good FanFictions?

Can anyone suggest some good FanFictions? I'm a big fan of Klaine, so if you know any good Klaine fics that would be great. Thanks!!!
Haha then you're in luck. Glee FanFiction is 40% Klaine, so there's plenty. I don't read Klaine fics so I wouldn't be of any help. :/
Crime-Drama-Bee posted over a year ago
 samantharobin posted over a year ago
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othpop6668 said:
I'm a massive klaine fanfiction fan so here are some of my fav's:
Missed Opportunities - link (A bunch of one shots of scenes that we never got to see)
Go Your Own Way - link (Badboy Blaine, this ones made me cry more than once!)
Dalton - link (A series about the Warblers, it's a lot of fun)
Got Me Doing Backflips - link (Very cute and fluffy!)
Hey, New Kid - link (Badboy Kurt)
Lessons In Being A Man - link (Future fic. The Karofsky part of this one put me off a first but it shouldn't of because its amazing, one of the best I've read)
Let Me Be - link (Blaine is attacked. This ones also made me eyes watery several times)
Expect the Unexpected - link & Kurt run into each other after 5 years but now Blaine has a wife and kid)
If I Die Young - link (Blaine is diagnosed with cancer)
Offensive Innocence - link (This is just amazing :D)
Secrets & Thunderstorms - link (Very cute drabble)
Together, We Are The Oceans - link (The warblers and hudmel family go on a cruise)
Family Portrait - link (Kurt & Blaine are step brothers. Scroll past someone like you)
Kiss - link (234 ways their first kiss could of happened)
Anything by beautifulwhatsyourhurry - link (All her stories are amazing but definitely read the McKlainely series and Swing Sets & Sandboxes)
It's Frowed Upon - link (Blaine was Kurts babysitter now he's his teacher)

Sorry got a bit carried away there! But hopefully you will like some of these :D
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posted over a year ago 
jesus you know loads ...
mrsdolphin posted over a year ago
I don't really ship Klaine, but that cancer one sounds interesting. Gonna go check it out ^^
GleekFreak18 posted over a year ago
Hello! :)First of all I can't stand this arrghh!I just see ur ficrec about that fic that you linked "Family Portrait" and I'm so sad that I could't have the oportunity to read that wonderful wonderful fic... I'm a late starter in glee, so I wasn't aware of its existence..I really really want to read that fic :( just by pure and mere casuality, did you have it? *pray for the answer to be yes* I'll leave you my e-mail, is
Zushu posted over a year ago
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weirdkid said:
A comedy would be great. Are we talking a one shot or a chapter story?
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posted over a year ago 
cropper said:
if you go to and search for Glee fanfics there are 98% fanfics on Klaine literally!
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posted over a year ago 
klaine_forever said:
Please read mine!
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posted over a year ago 
Colfer said:
There are so many. Someone posted a really good list on Tumblr the other day. Those are the kind of fanfictions you have to read. I suggest you to check that list out -> link

Also, OhLittleSparrow on YouTube posts fanfiction recommendations. Just search for "Klaine fanfiction recommendations" and you'll probably find her videos.

The ones that I really love(d) are Go Your Own Way, The Sidhe, Where There's Smoke, Swing Sets and Sandboxes and Dalton.

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posted over a year ago 
mrsdolphin said:
Hi I ship Klaine and am COMPLETELY in love with Chris so I know loads of Klaine fics. There are loads of drabbles and oneshots for Klaine so if you search glee fanfiction LOADS of them should come up.
The best Klaine story EVER is Dalton by C P Coulter. I really think it changed my life ... :)
Some other really good ones are:
Silence is Golden by KlaineXD
Summer with the Warblers by CrissChrisR5Gleekkk
Gamer Boy by Softlove808
The Andersons PA by inkinthepageandonmyheart
I spy by colourlesscolour
Spanish is Sexy by eloquentfever
Accidentally in love by KurtcoBlainer
My missing puzzle piece by Ticklemedoughface

I know loads more and I might post some of them later ... But seriously read the fqcebool ones they are AMAZING and definitely read Dalton - it's the best one ever!
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posted over a year ago 
Lucky007 said:
actually, once i googled "glee fanfiction" and found this entire website devoted to it! its called or something, just google it just to be safe
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posted over a year ago 
DracoLuvsAstrid said:
I think someone should make a FanFiction story of the futuristic Glee. Will continues to work as the Glee teacher and Emma does the same for counseling. The kids who are in this season of Glee should be the previous Glee Kids' children. Like so...
Puck+Quinn=Beth (Yes,The One And Only Beth)
Artie+Brittany=Jackson (I Wanted to add this couple)
Something like that. Lots of drama like,Beth figuring out her real parents,Melody's father isn't actually Finn,or stuff like that... SOMEONE MAKE ONE
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posted over a year ago 
gabby878787 said:
this ones really good, just google gabby878787, "Family" and "Calamity" are REALLY good
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posted over a year ago 
StayBeautiful said:
If you haven't yet heard of Little Numbers... go check it out now: link
It is THE BEST THING. EVER. It's based entirely on text messages, but it even incorporates videos, music, and pictures that just add to the real-ness and adorable-ness of it all.
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posted over a year ago 
arias3 said:
Taking On New Directions on wattpad!!!
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posted over a year ago 
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