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In a dream: you are the creator of glee what do you change?

Like change the principal characters,guest stars to regular,songs,teachers everythingggg you do!!
 Saintbree posted over a year ago
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fetchgirl2366 said:
1. More storylines/screentime/songs for Tike and Brittana
2. Make Damian/Rory and Samuel/Joe regulars
3. Give Brittany a say in the Brittana relationship
4. Give Will adult friends
5. More funny lines from Sue, Coach Roz, Brittany, and Kurt
6. Have Lindsay/Harmony and Alex/Wade (or Unique) return
7. More modern-day songs
8. Have Quinn and Joe together
9. Erase all of what happened with Rachel (well, not necessarily all, know) in season 3 and bring back season 1 Rachel
10. Have Rachel's dads return
11. Have Karofsky return to McKinley (sometime around "Big Brother" or something like that)
12. More with Samcedes
13. Have more God Squad meetings
14. Get Finn a football scholarship
15. More bromances between Finn/Kurt, Sam/Rory, Finn/Puck, Finn/Rory/Kurt, Sam/Joe, etc.
16. Give Blaine a storyline before "Big Brother"
17. Expand on Jenna's/Tina's character
18. Work on the storyline with Santana, her mother, and her grandmother (Alma)
19. Bring Dianna/Quinn back for season 4
20. More comedy, less drama!
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posted over a year ago 
u should be the creator of glee
sheerika posted over a year ago
LOL That would be nice. :)
fetchgirl2366 posted over a year ago
timo_superstar said:
1. Kill an important character to make the story more thrilling (I'm picking Artie, he falls down somewhere on his wheelchair)
2. Make Sam gay (IDK, seems interesting). He'll first confess to Puck and then admitting he's in love with Puck. Puck, of course, was mortified.
3. Mercedes gets a nose job and a liposuction (I'll have to fire Amber Riley and get a prettier black girl to replace her although Amber will have to dub her)
4. Send Tina back to Asia and Mike meets new student Chilley (Jamie Chung) and dates her
5. Brittany finally realizes that she's straight, leaves Santana and goes out with Joe Hart (after he's broken up with Quinn)
6. Santana makes friends with new Cheerio Dawn (Ashley Benson) and they fall in love with each other
7. Quinn and Mr. Schue falls in love with each other getting him fired and Emma in a disastrous state. Quinn and Mr. Schue elopes
8. Sue's baby comes out dead and she blames the Glee club (I know, irrational but just like the old Sue) and makes their lives even more horrible
9. Mr. Hansmith (Justin Timberlake) takes over the Glee club and they're better than ever
10. Rachel and Finn are finally in New York
11. Glee crosses over with How I Met Your Mother as Rachel and Finn meets their new neighbors Marshall and Lily and later on, their friends Robin, Ted and Barnie (Barnie tries to hook up with Rachel)
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posted over a year ago 
× LOL i have to admit your comment is better than mines and more funny
caticia1 posted over a year ago
xD crazy dream ...brittany and joe?sam gay?mr shue and quinn?artie die?finchel in other show?omg LOL!
Saintbree posted over a year ago
saramanusson said:
1. Bring back more season ish.
2. Less Blaine & Santana spotlight. (it should be called the Blatanna show, not Glee)
3. More Finn & Rachel spot light.
4. Have season 1, Quinn back (they totally ruined her)
5. More BEST friends friendship for Puck & Finn.
6. Finn/Rachel/Puck triangle.
7. Sue having a "normal" kid.
8. Less new characters, Joe, Rory.....
9. Have ALL the original character stay on the show, after graduation.
10. Get Quinn out of that wheelchair.
11. A full relationship between Sam & Mercedes.
12. Have Rachel and Kurt BOTH get into Nyada.
13. Finn & Rachel getting married.
14. Will and Emma having a kid.
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posted over a year ago 
TempeGeller said:
1) Keep Mike, Santana, Brittany minor charictors with minor storylines, don't focus on them.
Main charictors: Tina, Artie, Rachel, Mercedes, Finn, Will Shueste, Quinn, Puck and Kurt
2) Don't send off Kurt to some fancy school to run out his bullies.
3) Puck and Quinn deal with giving up their child Beth, and deal with their relationship. And wether they really do belong together.
4) No Sam. Keep Matt on the show.
5) Maybe introduce Blaine as a mechanic in his fathers shop, Kurt doesn't really like him all to begin with. Blaine is a senior who ends up home schooled after severe bullying in his old school.
6)Artie tries to get Tina back after she left him for Mike. Tina dumped Artie because he didn't act nice areound her.
7) Tina feels her tallent is ignored and she tries to get a solo.
8) They do a musical, and Mercedes, Rachel and Tina go out for the lead.
9) No Hollie Hollyday.
10) Will Schuester struggles with his own life and meets up with his high school buddies to figure out what to do with the rest of his life. And what comes after marriage.
11) Sue Sylvester concentrates on winning her next championship with the cheerios, and takes Quinn on board as cheerio. Santana stays the head cheerleader and gives Quinn a hard time to get back on top.
12) Finn and Rachel struggle being a couple, his classmates ask him all the time why he isn't dating anyone who's not Rachel.
13) Rachel deals with the rejection by her mother, and decides to concentrate on being her best in Glee club.
14) No Sunshine.
15) Kurt becomes aware of his creative side and tries to write a full musical, but it doesn't always go all to well.
16) Will tries to get Shelby to join their cause, and defeat Vocal Adrenaline once and for all.
17) The new coach of VA is Bryan Ryan, who is out to destroy the Glee club after his performance of Les Miserables was canceled.
18) Mercedes enters in a competition of idols on her quest to become a star. But it doesn't go to well.
19) Small tips to the existance of Brittany/Santana

General I would:

1) Make a list in the beginning of the season, planning a story line for each MAIN Charictor.
2) Plan a plot over the entire season, where they should go.
3) Pick songs for an episode looking at the plot and to what's going on in their lives.
4) Have a theme for every Nationals, that is very clear. Choose songs for Nationals, they did in the episodes before.
5) More Will centric story lines, and actually involving him. Him being a teacher and a leader to the kids.
6) Making Will do Spanisch songs without needing troubles with his Spanisch.

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posted over a year ago 
Glee932 said:
1. Less Finchel and Wemma
2. More Klaine
3. Blaine would be in the same year as Kurt
4. Every season would be half a school year instead of a whole one. So right now they would have been halfway through Junior year.
5. More Broadway, less rap
6. Actual continuity
7. Kurt would get more solos
8. Roz Washington would not be a character, neither would Chandler
9. Sue would still be the main bad guy
10. Grant Gustin would be a regular
11. I would offer CP Coulter (Author of Dalton) a job on the panel of writers for Glee
12. Glee would be going on tour
13. The Glee Movie would have just been about the concert it wouldn't have been interrupted by those sob stories
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posted over a year ago 
TigerLillee said:
1. Sue is still the villian and very funny
2. Something that makes people see the real Rachel, no more Rachel hate :(
3. Less Joe no quoe
4. Quinndependence
5. More season 1 stuff
6. Rachel gets rid of the bangs

There's more but these are the main ones for me.
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posted over a year ago 
kathyism said:
* Less storylines for Finchel
* Makes Rachel less boring And more cheerful, like previous season
*More Tike storylines
*Beyonce as Guest star
*More puck storylines
*Trubute to the Band Queen
*More ep with Shelby
*More Originals songs

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posted over a year ago 
Gleek4ever said:
1. Quinn and Puck are endgame.
2. Quinn walks again.
3. No Mercedes.
4. Tike gets more storylines/screentime/songs
5. Finchel gets more storylines/screentime/songs
6. Finchel gets married.
7. Tike gets married.
8. Rachel, but not Kurt gets into NYADA
9. Artie finds a lovely girlfriend.
10. Bring back Season 1 Sue
11. Sue is not having a baby.
12. Will is a GOOD spanish teacher again
13. No Wemma
14. More storylines about how Will loves his kids and about how he is the best teacher in the world.
15. Make Bryan Ryan a regular
16. No Sugar or Sunshine
17. No one leaves the show when the graduate.
18. Less Brittana and Santana-centric storylines
19. Brittany and Mike dance together during almost every song
20. More musicals, less rap
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posted over a year ago 
blainefan11 said:
I would have more rock/ soft metal song on. Ex.- some avenged sevenfold songs.
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posted over a year ago 
caticia1 said:
1.Change finn's stupid attitude towards quinn.
2.Erase that car accident quinn went through.
3.Make blaine get more solos lol.
4.Make blaine the star of the show.
5.Add new characters.
6.Give artie,tina,mike and sam a storyline.
7.Have a duet between blaine and santana.
8.Let artie and mercedes date.
9.Let quinn be prom queen.
10.Let rachel get another audition
11. Let all my favs characters return for season 4...except finn(i hate him now).
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posted over a year ago 
A Blaine and Santana solo would be epic!!!
Gleek4ever posted over a year ago
I agree with #'s 2, 5, 6, and 9 most definitely.
fetchgirl2366 posted over a year ago
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