10. Sue/Will
I'm not crazy, I swear. While these two have never been a couple and there is no way in hell they ever WILL be a couple...I still can't help but like them all the same. They do have chemistry and an extremely sweet relationship. Yes, they argue like crazy- but most of it is funny, not dramatic. And at the end of the day they usually do come through for each other. Okay, so this is a weird one to start out on, but I sear it gets more normal after this!

9. Tina/Artie
Oh god, just thinking about the possibilities of Season 4 make me so excited! These two should get back together! (Well, if it weren't for Mike). Anyway, these two were adorable when they were together. They didn't cross any major dramatic setbacks and they were the sweet stable relationship in a world of unstable Glee relationships. It was a nice way of pairing off the two characters that never get noticed. The two underclassmen who have been there since day 1 but never seem to get a story-arc. They were just too cute for words when they were together!

8. Sam/Mercedes
Now we've seen hardly any evidence of these two, besides a lot of "I want to be together but we can't!" We don't know WHY they were ever together- but it's still sweet nontheless. Mainly because the acting by both Chord and Amber is so great. And they have chemistry. I really wish this storyline had gone a bit deeper, but that's Glee for you!

7. Rachel/Finn
The main couple? So low? What is this? Well, I've only had a handful of moments when I wanted these two to be together instead of wanting them to stop giving each other goo-goo eyes and instead give other characters/couples the chance to shine. When they're apart- they work. They're good at acting dramatically. But when they're together they are SO melodramatic. The idea of them is adorable but I just don't think they have much chemistry.

6. Santana/Brittany
Santana and Brittany are just perfect together. In the first season, they were just those two random cheerleading girls that barely did anything- but were always seen together. Then they grew into something more. I kind of love how different they are from each other, yet how sincerely they love each other all the same. Santana is a total bitch, always saying what she thinks. Brittany is an airhead. But they love each other and see each other in a light that no one else would. It's adorable :)

5. Will/Emma
This used to be my number one couple, until they got married. They had chemistry, they were cute as could be, and they were both incredibly sweet. Then they started living together and Will became a manipulative jerk most of the time. Poor Emma. Still, the idea of what they could be- if the writers stopped making Will out to be a jerk- is limitless. I really hope they do get married and go back to the way they were before...

4. Rachel/Jesse
Okay, this is the couple I expect to get the most negative of a reaction on, being as they're so much higher then Rachel/Finn. But I've just always liked Jesse better. And while I see why they didn't work out and Finn is a much better match for her- I still like Jesse more and think they had more chemistry together. Besides, they were in Spring Awakening together, so they're kind of perfect for each other. And they're best friends in real life. But as for characters, I always thought this couple was much more well acted and well written and just way more engaging.

3. Quinn/Puck
So I have a soft spot for these two, no matter what the show does to ruin them. Season 1, I needed them to be togeter- I wanted it so badly. Quinn's the head cheerleader bitch, Pucks the meatheaded arrogant jock. To say they would look good together is an understatement. But that's not just it. They also clearly love each other. They're both adament about denying it but they're the only two people who see the best in each other. Puck see's the kinder girl that Quinn could be. Quinn see's the smart gentleman Puck could be. They had a baby together! Of all my favorite couples, this is the one that just won't ever happen already!

2. Kurt/Blaine
I know a lot of people like this couple, but I can't help myself. It's Kurt (who is awesome) and Harry freaking Potter (Er, I mean, Blaine). Blaine's incredibly sweet and pretty much the perfect guy. Kurt might be a bitch at times but he's grown through his friends and character development to a much nicer and more selfless individual. And these two are just adorable together. They don't have much drama, they just love each other and get on with it. I don't know what it is about them, but they're just utterly perfect together!

1. Tina/Mike
Wow, this must be a first. Tina and/or Mike at the top of a list?! What is this?! But these two are amazing. No one realizes it, because they're so bust always watching something else on the show. These two have an understated love. They're almost always seen together and are adorable! Besides, I see myself as most like Tina from Glee and Mike's super hot. So they're two of my favorite characters. And when they finally DO get a scene together, these two are cute as can be. Maybe it's because I don't have them shoved down my throat as much as the rest of the couples- but these two are perfect. You can't think of one without the other. Gah! I just love them.