Yep, people. There are still months ahead for us until the new season of Glee airs. In the meantime, we can only imagine what will happen to our favorite characters. Here's what I think will happen to our very own Sam Evans.

Over the summer, Sam was thinking about his past. He first spotted New Directions performing in the courtyard, and then met with former male lead Finn Hudson. Then after being slushied by Titans football players, he is rescued by former head Cheerio, Quinn Fabray and developed a crush. They dated, broke up, and went separate ways. Then he met with former New Directions member, Mercedes Jones and dated prior to his junior year. After all the time of trying to catch the girl of his dreams and make her happy, she is now off to college and pursuing the dream job as a back-up singer. Sam still has one more year left in McKinley, and he plans on living it to the fullest.

He and the rest of the current New Directions members meet up on the first day of school, and Mr. Schue explains that he and the rest of the crew need to find more members in order to qualify for sectionals. He participates in a group number with the rest of New Directions, followed by a slushie facial by the rest of the school. Sam, along with the rest of the New Directions members, are pleased to hear Catherine Mason perform her audition piece and thinks that she has a killer voice. Unfortunately female lead, Tina Cohen-Chang disagrees with them, positive that something bad will happen. She also adds in about the fact that his chances for winning a swimming championship will be ruined once she carries out her plan to be popular. Sam finally realizes everything Tina says just when Catherine treats them with mean words and harsh leadership during a dance piece she created. Tina steps in and stands up to her, causing her to leave. Sam participates in the group number Tina created herself.

Sam tries to make his decision on whether he wants to be a professional football player or a model after high school. Unfortunately, it takes a long time for him to make a decision. One of the current New Directions members, Joe Hart, joins him and offers his help. Sam explains to Joe how difficult it's going to be to figure out your future, being that Joe is currently a junior at this point. Joe says that he's glad he met Sam, Mercedes, and Quinn when he first came to McKinley, and wants to feel as if the three will still be in high school with him even when they all have graduated. Sam suddenly thinks about the God Squad and offers to help him find new members. They perform a brotherly-like duet in the auditorium and start hanging out for their last year together. Then a junior girl, Alyson Houston, comes in and asks about the God Squad. She explains to the boys that she was raised as a Christian by her father, and prays every night in hopes that her mother will come one day to see her. Sam and Joe agree to have Alyson in the group, as well as her freshman brother, Fredrick.

Sam gets a call in the principal's office. Both Principal Figgins and Coach Beiste are in the room with a football recruiter, James Addison. He wants to give Sam a football scholarship and let him play professionally. Sam agrees to take the football scholarship and assures him that he'll win another championship game before he graduates. While he prepares for the next game, he joins New Directions in trying to become popular after the hockey players slushie them once again. He helps the boys with their boy band and their school charity. Unfortunately, Figgins gives him and the rest of the Glee club detention for a week. He listens to Mr. Schue's advice about being a minority in life today. Although he agreed and performed a number with the rest of the Glee club, he still wants to up his status. So he trains up to a game against another school. He scores 4 touchdowns in the whole game. However at the last touchdown, he hurts his ankle, and is told to wear a cast for the next 5 weeks.

Joe, Alyson, and Fredrick meet up with Sam later on. Sam feels determined and wants to help his school win the championship. Sam tries to step on his foot and walk, but he ends up falling on his back. Joe and Alyson help him up, both encouraging him to take a break for a while. Sam future explains that if McKinley High doesn't win the championship, then the football players won't get the football scholarship. He feels determined to try again, but can't do it because of his injury. Joe tells Sam that he has been watching him at the game and sees how rough the game can be. He doesn't want Sam to get hurt even more and cause a permanent injury. Alyson and Fredrick agree, and the three agree to pray and hope Sam gets that scholarship, knowing that Sam is athletically talented and very impressive to the football recruiter. Sam smiles and thanks all three.

Sam sits at home and rests his ankle. Then he receives a call from Mercedes in LA. She hears everything about Sam hurting his ankle and having to rest it for 5 weeks. Mercedes is very remorseful and wonders if Sam is okay. He says that he really misses Mercedes and wonders if he'll get that football scholarship. Mercedes has faith in him and thinks that he'll get it. He also wishes his ankle will get better, win the championship, and see one of Sam's games when he graduates college. Sam is left with all of the courage from his girlfriend and his friends.

Coach Beiste is coaching the football team for the championship game which had finally came. Unfortunately, one of the backup football players is out sick, and they need a backup player to go out. The game is scheduled late due to complications. Sam realizes what's going on from one of the players. Sam's ankle was almost healed at this point. He hurries into the locker room and changes into a football uniform. Coach Beiste asks why he's not resting his leg. Sam explained that his leg is getting better and wants to be a part in helping the team win. With that, Sam sets out to the field and plays with the rest of the guys. All of the New Directions members and God Squad members are out on the bleachers watching Sam. They assumed that he was going to fall and hurt himself again. But he walked it off and ended up winning the championship game. Everyone is suddenly cheering him on.

James Addison shows up after the championship game the next day. He praises Sam for all of his hard work. He tells Sam that he got the scholarship and can go to the college of his choice. Sam smiles and thanks the recruiter with a hand shake. He announces the good news to everyone in New Directions. They all applaud him. Mr. Schue even makes a small speech how each and every person in the choir room can also make an achievement just like Sam did. They all applaud again, high-fiving and hugging Sam.

Graduation comes closer, and Sam starts to clean out his locker. Joe stops by to personally say how proud he is. He almost thought that Sam wouldn't be able to do it since the ankle might bring him down. Sam says that anyone can believe in anything they can, and Joe agrees. Joe also hopes that Sam will make it through college. Sam replies by saying that he hopes Joe will make it to a good college after his time in high school. They both high-five and walk different directions in the hallway.

After all the success Sam had been through in high school, including helping out his fellow Glee club members, Sam makes it out of William McKinley and heads off to college and pursue his dream of playing football.

Well, what did you think? What do you think will happen to Sam Evans in season 4? I hope you liked my story ideas.

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