Jenna singing True Colors was the most popular song!
i have nothing else to do so i figured why not post this lol (rankings keep changing so this was posted on: 12/2/09)

1.True Colors-Performed by Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina)

2. Defying Gravity-Performed by Lea Michele and Chris Colfer (Rachel and Kurt)

3. Last Christmas-Performed by Lea Michele and Corey Montieth (Rachel and Finn)

4.Imagine-Performed by-Amber Riley, Kevin McHale, and Lea Michele (Mercedes, Artie and Rachel)

5.Dont Stop Believn'(single)- Performed by Lea Michele and Corey Montieth (Finn and Rachel)

6.Dancing With Myself-Performed by Kevin McHale (Artie)

7.Lean on Me-Performed by Amber Riley and Kevin McHale (Artie and Mercedes)

8.Dont Stop Believin' (album version)

9.Sweet Caroline-Performed by Mark Salling (Puck)

10.Somebody to Love-Performed by Corey Montieth, Lea Michele, Kevin McHale, and Amber Riley (Finn,Rachel,Artie and Mercedes)