10. Funny Quotes from Glee : Report

Will to Finn: You still owe me that report on...what you did last summer
Finn to Will: Almost half way done with almost all of it Mr. Shu.

09. Funny Quotes from Glee : Fame

Rachel: Nowadays being anonymous is worse than being poor. Fame is the most important thing in our culture now.

08. Funny Quotes from Glee : Myspace

Will: There is no joy in these kids, they feel invisible. That's why every one of them has a myspace page.

07. Funny Quotes from Glee : Surgery

Finn about his mom: She just had surgery.
Puck: What kind of surgery?
Finn: Oh, well, she just had to have her prostate out.
Puck: Man, that's a tough break.

06. Funny Quotes from Glee : Glue Gun

Terri to Will: It's not a bad thing, Will, to want a real life... and to have a glue gun that works!

05. Funny Quotes from Glee : Tone deaf, acne factories

Sandy to Will: You're the one coaching those tone deaf, acne factories.

04. Funny Quotes from Glee : Beyonce

Mercedes to Will: Oh hell to the na... Look, I'm not down with this background singing nonsense. I'm Beyonce; I ain't no Kelly Rowland.

03. Funny Quotes from Glee : Think that's hard?

Sue to Cheerios: You think this hard? Try being water-boarded; that's hard!

Sue to Cheerios: Think that's hard? Try having hepatitis; that's hard!

02. Funny Quotes from Glee : That Guy

Finn to New Directions club memebers: I never should have quit. I don't want to be the guy that just drives around throwing eggs at people.
Rachel: That was you?
Kurt: You and your friends threw pee balloons at me.
Finn: I know...
Kurt: You nailed all my lawn furniture to my roof
Ken: Hey M&M, so I got tickets to monster trucks this weekend...
Emma: No thanks, not my thing.
Ken: Truckazilla versus Truckasaurus, and get this, the trucks breathe fire!
Emma: Ken, look, you know how every time you ask me out I tell you I'm on my period?
Ken: Which doesn't bother me
Emma: Or I tell you how I'm suffering from cluster headaches, or I'm allergic to night time... Those things, not really true. I'm just not interested in dating...
Ken interrupting: Shhhh
Emma: you
Ken: How do I get you... into my hatchback?