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News by Vampsessed posted 12 months ago
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Jenna Ushkowitz
McKinley High has a new bookworm! Jenna Ushkowitz gives Teen Vogue her secrets to living a "Gleeful" and positive lifestyle! Adding one more skill to her triple-threat resume, Glee star Jenna Ushkowitz unveils the cover to her new inspirational scrapbook. In Choosing Glee, Jenna takes her talents off screen and into the pages of her first memoir, available on May 14th. She introduces us to her Hollywood success story, describing her early life being adopted from South Korea, her time spent on Broadway as a young actress, and her most recent experiences as one of the leading ladies of Glee, Tina Cohen-Chang. Jenna hopes to inspire and motivate teens by sharing the challenges she's overcome throughout her professional and personal journey in the industry. This is a must-read insightful guide on how to invoke positive thinking and how to find your most confident and true self!

You're already a triple threat! What inspired you to write a book?

"I'd been wanting to eventually write a book, it was sort of like the next thing on my bucket list and the universe opened it arms and was like, here's your chance! There are some really cool books out there...
Fan fiction by TempeGeller posted over a year ago
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Well, this chapter was one that took so long. I'm so sorry for that. It didn't come that easy. Now it's done. It's an extra-long chapter and every character has an interview featured.

Enjoy and don't forget to review!


Chapter 4: Tribute scores and interviews

Brittany district 5

Brittany waited for her name to be called. Yet she had no idea, what she had to show them. Brittany was not known in town as the smartest or the strongest. If someone was going to look for a winner, Brittany wouldn't be the person they would submit. Brittany was a sweet kind spirit, but most people in district 5 thought Brittany was a naïve little girl. That wasn't the truth, Brittany knew which person she could trust. And which person she couldn't trust. She wouldn't think of a friendship with Sugar or Tina. Santana on the other hand was different, she knew that bad guy act was just a pretending. Santana was pretending to be something she wasn't at all. Brittany knew better, but even sitting here. She didn't know what she would show the people.
Opinion by zoey1010 posted over a year ago
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Noah puckerman, Quinn fabray, mike Chang, Santana Lopez, britney s pears
It's hard but they are,
Rachel berry , sue sylvester, William shuester, April roads

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