A future extinct species?
Well, Earth Day was this week and NBC just had its second Green Week. So I think it's fitting to write an article telling you guys how you can help this lovely little planet of ours and its people.

1. Visit These Sites:
These sites are free and you just have to click a button on them once per day. If you want to donate to the sites any more, you can buy stuff from them (and trust me, it's all really cheap and amazing.)

2. Use Your Car Less
As we know, air pollution is depleting the ozone layer and therefore causing global warming. So if you could use your car less by carpooling with a friend, riding your bike, or taking the bus (which is at least better than using your car because it holds a large number of people), then the world could be a much better place. Also, polar bears will still be around.

3. Conserve Energy
You can do this by turning off any electronic appliances you are not using. If you're not using something, then turn it off! When I leave my room, I've made it a habit of turning off the lights. And every time the TV is left on, I turn it off. Doing this conserves energy and therefore does not waste our planet's valuable resources.

4. Conserve Water
Yes, I am guilty of taking insanely long showers in the morning, too, but now I try to limit them to, like, 10 minutes max. Also, it really bugs me when people are brushing their teeth and they leave the sink on while their doing it. Please turn off the water when you're not using it! Yeah, there's a lot of water on the earth, but don't take our rich resources for granted. We are one of the few places that has clean water.

5. Save Africa
It's not the whole world, but it's a start! Africa is the most impoverished continent on Earth and genocide, starvation, and disease reign there. Forunately, there are many charities that you can donate to to help these causes. Many of these can be found on link. Right now, I'm focusing on saving Darfur. If you want to as well, go to savedarfur.org and join the movement!

I really hope you guys learned from this and if you've already started doing these things, then awesome! Spread the word to your friends and have them learn from your example.
Our Mama. :)