Here is the pick:

If you knew that Global Warming is based on a false mathematical model, would you still believe in it?

yes, science isn't about facts or numbers or truth
no! I am a logical, empirical thinker.
1. One cannot 'believe' in global warming. it is not a belief system. this is the same wording/idea/path christians used to ban teaching evolution in Kansas, United States. Science theories and ideas are simply that...ideas and theories based on one's researched facts and observations. its not about whether you 'believe' or 'dont believe' in a proposed theory. Please reserve beliefs to the religious sector. And I know some use this phrase 'i believe' with the same meaning as 'i think' or 'i accept' but it is one of the slippery slopes in describing one's opinions in regards to topics of science. And like I said it was the exact wording The Kansas School Board used to banned the teaching of Evolution and even mention of evolution in public school, which was very embarrassing to those of us with half a brain and interest in science. That ruling has eventually overturned but is a prime example of what can happen when people mix up beliefs with science.

2. The choices for answers in this question were ridiculous. I feel the creator could have more effectively shared their opinion that they don't accept the data the mathematical models to which global warming theories are based could have gotten their opinion across much better in a forum or soapbox post without trying to insulting people with the 'science isnt about numbers or facts or truths' opinion. please. grow up. there is no reason to go there. might as well put....yes, i am a sheep who does no thinking for myself or no, i am free think and global warming is complete crap. I think many people have heard the side that says 'global warming is crap and here is my data' and still side with/accept what the 'global warming is a real issue that needs to be addresses and dealt with and here is my data.'
I just feel that the attitude behind the pick wasnt in a 'friendly community vibe' that fanpop users are striving to have on here. It was very clear how the creator felt of global warming and those that are supporters and side with it.

3. Now for my reaction, for me I am somewhat in the middle. Do I accept the worst of the worst But do I accept that all this global warming 'stuff' is a bunch of I am a friend of the environment so I think we, as humans, should do as much as we can to protect and help this planet as possible. But not because it will save us from some doomsday catastrophe but because it is the right thing to do. The earth does not belong to us and we are not going to get another when we are threw using and abusing this one.
With that being said, yes I agree with some/most of the propositions set forth by the Global Warming Supporters on what actions should be taken by us, the consumers and producers.

There I said my peace. Have a lovely day! =)