Godzilla Do You Like Biollante Does She Rock

biollante89 posted on Oct 05, 2011 at 06:58PM
just want to know she is my fave kaiju

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over a year ago PDVS77 said…
In the class of Godzilla monsters no, Biollante is totally out classed by the King. Now in terms of say Gamera okay Biollante could be formitable. But I do like Bio more than Mortha I had waited so long to see that insect VAPORIZED in all out attack. I was so happy I almost cryed.
over a year ago madscientist117 said…
Yep, I do like Biollante, but she's not one of my favorite monsters.
over a year ago DoctorInJapan said…
I think that Biollante was one of the most original monsters Godzilla ever faced and while not really powerful I think it had potential. I would like to see her in another movie in the future, they probably could have pulled it off in Final Wars but, hey good selection any way.