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i knew that allready
posted over a year ago.
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flash2099 said:
i love the new godzilla look but who is he fighting in this movie
posted over a year ago.
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doller99 said:
I have already watched it many times. The movie was superb and mindblasting.
now I am freak for the latest movies. I am so much willingly waiting for watch The Shadows movie which being to be released at 03/Jan.
posted over a year ago.
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carol67 said:
hi everyone i am a big fan of godzilla and i would like to chat with other fans to. My favourite godzilla film is godzilla vs king ghidorah.
posted over a year ago.
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the 2014 godzilla is the full size and is amazing
posted 11 months ago.
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cheney10 said:
DANGER!!! do not want to click on the link above, yesterday I already click the link above and my computer a virus,
just want to watch the movie but they actually gave me a false information, may god forgive their sins,
but after I searched on google I finally found a link that right to watch this movie,
please click here


1. Click Button PLAY/WATCH NOW
2. Create your Account/Sign in (if you a member)
Done, You just choose the movie, you want to watch / download
Hopefully my experience can help you.
posted 10 months ago.