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The fans pick: What?! No way she totally deserves it
The fans pick: May be. But i don want this to happen!!!!!
The fans pick: YAY! FINALLY!
The fans pick: Chuck and Lily
The fans pick: Blair
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FHockeygirl30 said …
I have recently just started this show (I am at the beginning of season 3). I wish they were still making this show. I am so addicted!!

XOXO Posted 19 days ago
emkehebels said …
Help!!!!!!, I really need the help off you gossipgirl fans!!!!

Me and my best friend saw these champane classes in season 2 episode 7.

We really wanna buy them. So if anyone knows were i can get them? Please tell mee!!!!!!!!! Posted 9 months ago
Teasel said …
Hellooo, was anyone here around 2010 when this spot/club was thriving? I made friends with heaps of you and there was discourse every day on this spot, such good memories. I'm still good friends with a few people I met here :) Posted over a year ago
chelsea__mulan commented…
i love gossip girl !! obviously , but you should write me so we can chat !! over a year ago
rubybastin commented…
Hay I loved gossip girl !!!!!!!!!! 11 months ago
SaraShine commented…
So glad someone wrote on here recently! I am new but would love to make friends! 10 months ago