The Love triangle of season 5
After Watching 16 episodes Back to back of Gossip Girl season 5, I'v come to the conclusion I no long choose Blair as my favorite Character. Her uncertainty decision of who she wants to be with, has grown to be unfair, crewel, and childish. If there are two men willing to take care of another mans baby to be with you then you are one lucky girl. Making Chuck Bass wait for her to divorce with Louii is one thing, however, developing feelings for Dan is another. Over the corse of 5 seasons she has a pattern of not being able to stay away from Chuck. Therefore, Chuck is where she should stay. Dan and Chuck both have mature greatly through out the seasons 1-5 and frankly I do not think Blair devisers neither of them. Serene is the one that should be with Dan, after all, if it was not for her he would STILL be an outsider and Blair would not give him the time of day. I love the scandals and lies of Manhattans elite.