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Louis Vuitton summer arrivals  lvtime 0 729 over a year ago
does anyone know the song...  leeny48843 0 607 over a year ago
Rufus and Lily?  Daniejj14 4 707 over a year ago
GG spoilers  Leightonfan 3 1073 over a year ago
The new season?  wow_michellee 1 1060 over a year ago
Guess how old they look like!  TonyWelch 1 620 over a year ago
How many words can you make out of: The awesome gossip girl cast  Leightonfan 4 3549 over a year ago
Books  Mr_Muggles 11 1000 over a year ago
Everybody!!!  sk8ergirl08 8 1069 over a year ago
The books  amandaj 2 616 over a year ago
In the books does....  youknowit 4 613 over a year ago
Leighton Meester's Bf  gossipchic13 2 1022 over a year ago
How Old is a "Freshman"?  kim1891 6 993 over a year ago
PEOPLE WHO HAVE READ THE BOOKS  lizisme 6 588 over a year ago
does any one know when Georgina Sparks was in the books?  kfrancis08 7 1080 over a year ago
plis post all the episodes Of GG here  omaiski 6 663 over a year ago
Original S1 Finale Script  Shandiii 5 4916 over a year ago
How are you gonna survive?  Praesse 14 1058 over a year ago
THE MANY FACES OF ED WESTWICK  Leightonfan 8 1012 over a year ago
New spoilers!  waldorf 29 2101 over a year ago
LOTS OF GG SEASON 2 SPOILERS!  Praesse 14 6635 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Scavenger Hunt Game!  Shandiii 8 7362 over a year ago
VOTE!!!!!  Lila856 5 1291 over a year ago
Season 2 ?!?!?!  ceo07 28 2648 over a year ago
Season 2 Spoilers Bart/Rufus/Lily and Chuck/Blair  Praesse 8 2621 over a year ago
if you would like  livelovelaugh 0 909 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Comedy Spoof  leatherfink 2 536 over a year ago
F*uck Chuck  heyther0689 18 1212 over a year ago
Music  NimueAilinen 0 691 over a year ago
who did blair went off with in 1x18  prisxoxo 0 603 over a year ago
Season finale - BIG BREAKUP - Dan & Serena Or Burt & Lily?  angeljayne 5 1121 over a year ago
Blair & Chuck SPOILERS =)  Praesse 8 1397 over a year ago
Little tiny B&C spoiler.Y  Praesse 3 520 over a year ago
B&C Cliffhanger 1x18  Praesse 11 603 over a year ago
SPOILERS 1X18 [C&B]  Praesse 9 1295 over a year ago
1x17 question =)  Praesse 7 575 over a year ago
Chace Crawford Kissing Blake Lively  gossipchic13 3 1711 over a year ago
opinions on OMFG ads  monkee95 5 630 over a year ago
Question about 1x18  Praesse 5 629 over a year ago
riteeeeeeee  livelovelaugh 0 570 over a year ago
what is......  lizisme 2 704 over a year ago
Who is the most well-adjusted person in the UES?  Kirsty 3 615 over a year ago
A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate...  zarnitev 3 655 over a year ago
MANY SPOILERS  Shandiii 17 3504 over a year ago
Check out this band  lizisme 0 384 over a year ago
spoiler for people who havent seen 1x16  monkee95 3 1008 over a year ago
Dont read unless you've seen episode 16 and promo 17  rosaliexx 15 1245 over a year ago
Who does Dan cheat with??? possible spoilers.....  angeljayne 3 6982 over a year ago
Chuck  lizisme 10 970 over a year ago
does any one know when Georgina Sparks was in the books?  kfrancis08 1 852 over a year ago
Help  stephy_rules 2 1011 over a year ago
Quotes 1.14  Ashy 1 984 over a year ago
Chuck and Blair  angelznfoots 3 796 over a year ago
Gossip Girl on iTunes  heyther0689 2 781 over a year ago
Who is G from Serena's letter?  lemaly 3 1207 over a year ago
The Blair Bitch Project  jlhfan624 3 948 over a year ago
1.15  heyther0689 2 918 over a year ago
The song at the end of 1x14  jlhfan624 0 629 over a year ago
G's gifts explained *POSSIBLE SPOILER*  zarnitev 6 886 over a year ago
Blair bitch project OMG who is "G"?  SG1-090 0 793 over a year ago
Your Opinion  gossipchic13 5 823 over a year ago
New Couple Alert!!!!  gossipchic13 8 877 over a year ago
STOP ADDING THE SAME PICKS!  megloveskyle 5 822 over a year ago
New Sneak peeks not the four from yesterday there are more!  monkee95 0 647 over a year ago
Chace and Michelle  gossipchic13 12 874 over a year ago
next episode  oogellaboogella 3 879 over a year ago
Who is... Help  stephy_rules 5 637 over a year ago
who could it be?  citznofhumanity 3 644 over a year ago
Chace and Carrie  gossipchic13 0 652 over a year ago
When Filming Starts  monkee95 0 694 over a year ago
Gossip Girl RPG  ashleyxxgg 1 2224 over a year ago
posts  oogellaboogella 1 703 over a year ago
Gossip Girl back in late April!!!  monkee95 20 1364 over a year ago
GOSSIP GIRLS BACCCK!  heyther0689 1 685 over a year ago
1x14??  jaybird 20 3836 over a year ago
GOSSIP GIRL 114  gossipgirl0610 0 1668 over a year ago
where is Gossip Girl revealed?!?!?  Bassdorf 0 734 over a year ago
AHHH I CAN'T WAIT FOR 1x13!  froggy_0202 23 1648 over a year ago
season 2??  NoLeafClover 0 759 over a year ago
Blair still pregnant?  zarnitev 8 894 over a year ago
No new episode?!?!  xoxoKatieLyn 4 1362 over a year ago
books vs. show  krueger 2 583 over a year ago
New Game!  johnsgirlalways 11 600 over a year ago
Gossip Girls over?!?!?!!  heyther0689 3 768 over a year ago
Gossip Girl on ITV2  x-missmckena-x 9 3612 over a year ago
School Lies Discussion Spoiler  johnsgirlalways 2 714 over a year ago
Episode 1x12  x-missmckena-x 7 2206 over a year ago
Episode 12  jaybird 5 1316 over a year ago
GG Guide to NYC  AmyNYC 0 627 over a year ago
Dan's Cell phone  xsharx 0 1071 over a year ago
Nate's Cell Phone  Cutezmellzz 1 9529 over a year ago
Gossip Girl  kathiria82 29 2338 over a year ago
5 episodes left  Lila856 5 1341 over a year ago
Chuck & Blair discussion (SPOILERS)  Lila856 4 896 over a year ago
No gossip girl this week?  heatherb0828 1 1062 over a year ago
Vanessa Chick  heatherb0828 2 602 over a year ago
Episode 7?  heatherb0828 4 3314 over a year ago
vanessa  XpsychotickissX 6 1081 over a year ago
vanessa  XpsychotickissX 0 1198 over a year ago
Episode 1 online?  Lucica 3 3597 over a year ago