Gossip Girl Agree/Disagree game

mimika_s posted on Jul 05, 2008 at 01:08PM
I don't know if it has been posted again.If it has,just let me know and I will delete it.This game is at many spots.

You make a statement and the other one answers with agree or disagree.When someone disagrees he/she tells why.

Are you interested in playing that?

Chuck and Blair are the best Gossip Girl couple

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over a year ago Leightonfan said…
I kind of agree and disagree because I have 2 favorite couples. Please don't kill me if your'e a Chair fan, but I like both Nair and Chair.
over a year ago Leightonfan said…
But they have major chemistry:P
over a year ago Praesse said…

Nate and Serena should give their relationship a chance.
over a year ago mimika_s said…
agree-but I prefer Vanessa and Nate,they are my fave couple after Chair

the best Chair moment was the buterflies...(17 candles)
over a year ago Shandiii said…
Disagree, that's not my favorite but I could not tell you which one is my fav. There are soo many awesome moments.

Nate should to be a pothead.
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over a year ago Leightonfan said…
The part were Chuck had butterflies was aborable.
over a year ago mimika_s said…
disagree-Nate is just gorgeous the way he is now

we are going to see Nate and Blair being together in s3or4
over a year ago Praesse said…
Agree, but I wish I wouldn't. I hate them together SO MUCH. I hope they are together only because they have to or something like that even though Blair is still in love with Chuck.

Season two will be awesome because apparently *the* couple will be C&B :)
over a year ago mimika_s said…
I love B&C!!!!!

nate and V are going to be together again before the show ends...
over a year ago othbabay said…
i dont like nate and vanessa

blair and nate should get back togethr
over a year ago Shandiii said…
Disagree. After Nate apologized, they were cuter together. But by that point Chuck/Blair had already won over everyone's hearts. I think by now Nate is def. over Blair, and I think she's moving on.
I don't think they should get back together, but who knows what will happen on GG.

Chuck and Dan would be cute as friends.
over a year ago ggforreal said…
Disagree. Don't think they would get along that good, but i don't know. Maybe.

The Gossip Girl's (and Gossip Boy's) clothes are amazing!
over a year ago tatia said…
Agree!I would love having their clothes!

Serena and Blair will be friends 4 ever!
over a year ago hallemay550 said…
Agree! They've already gotten through really hard times, and that's made their relationship stronger. They'll get through anything else that comes their way :)

Nate and Serena will have a small fling, but the writers won't give us Serena+Nate this season (tears to that!) :(
over a year ago mimika_s said…
agree-the fake kiss was all we will have

the fake Serenate kiss was all we will have
over a year ago hallemay550 said…
(idk if you can go back and forth...?)
I think Serena and Nate will have a small thing. But no going steady or anything like that.

There's going to be a real kiss between Serena and Nate before the end of the season.
over a year ago ChuckBlairLuvA said…
I think there definitely could be a real kiss between them before the season is over. I think it'd be pretty amazing. =)

The CB scene "have sex with me" in 2x03 is the hottest "non-sex" scene in Gossip Girl so far.
over a year ago hallemay550 said…
Agree :)
So hot :D

Dan and Serena will get back together by the end of this season (boo!).
over a year ago ChuckBlairLuvA said…
Disagree. As much as I love them, I think the writers are getting farther away from them. Otherwise they would be like a co-main couple along with CB.

Jenny will end up dating an older guy (following in Nate's footsteps) ?
over a year ago hallemay550 said…
Disagree. I don't know if Jenny'll date anyone new in this season, but I think she'll be staying single for quite a while... but who knows?

Blair and Chuck will have sex at least once before the season's over.
over a year ago ChuckBlairLuvA said…
ABSOLUTLEY AGREE! And it'll definitely be more than once this season, trust me. HAHA! I mean, there's a ton of awful conflict for a whole bunch of the early episodes, but it won't be for more than 1/4 of the season...like 7 or 8 episodes and then they'll be an official couple and THE couple moving forward in season 2, so I wouldn't be worried about their sex life, b/c as Chuck claims, it's great. ;p

Rufus and Lily will have another fling.
over a year ago hallemay550 said…
We all know that they can't stay away from each other. They have too much chemistry! I still can't believe they slept with each other on the day of her wedding. Crazy!

Jenny won't be as annoying this season as the last.
over a year ago ChuckBlairLuvA said…
Agree. Though I personally never found her annoying and I actually like her. But I think she's going to drift away from the Blair scene, so perhaps that will answer your question. lol.

Love triangle between Vanessa/Nate/Katherine
over a year ago hallemay550 said…
Agree, unfortunately.
Although I'm not totally sure. But I think so.
But then I have to wait even LONGER for Serena+Nate... :(

Blair and Nate aren't over yet. (boo!)
over a year ago ChuckBlairLuvA said…
Disagree. I think they're done. At least for this season. Nate said he never wanted to have anything to do with her again...suggesting romance/relationship. I think the only way they would is if they were forced into it. They've been together for too long already. They know what it's like...and they're in love with totally different people. I don't see it. Just like Nate/Peyton never happened again in One Tree Hill. Nate/Blair won't happen...or at least...hopefully not. ;p

Eric and Jenny will be best buddies again.