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Nazi Becoming The Nazee
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M.C. Grammar- So Random!
Grammar Nazis
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The fans pick: No, there's nothing wrong with using 'Grammar Nazi.'
No, there's nothing wrong with using 'Grammar Nazi.'
Yes, I use the phrase 'Grammar police' instead.
The fans pick: It's really annoying
It's really annoying
It causes me to lose faith in...
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2 fans have answered this question
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yaoifangirl98 said …
i wish i could help if i could i would help in any way posabil Posted over a year ago
Fork said …
Any gramma nacees up in har Posted over a year ago
blackpanther666 commented…
Probably not... This club is dead and not many people care for true grammar nazis anyway. over a year ago
Fork commented…
Oh. 9 months ago
Fork commented…
That's okay I was just going to be a troll 9 months ago. LOL 9 months ago
abn1126 said …
I asked lots of my friends about this here is wat they have said FUCK GRAMMMAR NAZI'S THEY CAN fill up my ass, I DONT GIVE A SHIT,grammar nazi's r fucking wannabe neo-nazi's but they dont do shit about anything they just use their words. And yes the last one was actaully a real neo-nazi but I'm not I just saw him walking and I asked him this Posted over a year ago
blackpanther666 commented…
You are an idiot... They are not like 'neo-nazi's'... And, of course they use words, that's what the whole thing is about in first place... Besides, grammar nazis may be annoying, but most of them do it because they feel like they are helping people to get better at writing, spelling and fixing grammatical errors... Basically, you're just generalising here. over a year ago
prinelsa commented…
^Read the full comment before replying 3 months ago