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AlphaClub said …
Wow... this place is lunatic. And I probably have better grammar than all of you, so... you can't call me NOT a grammar nazi. Although I still spell words wrong sometimes by accidentally pressing the wrong key on my keyboard, lol. I CHALLANGE ANYONE, ANYONE AT ALL, TO A GRAMMAR DUAL!!! And I see that a lot of people don't like capitalizing their I's, olso they look like this: i. Or, let's say I said get's, they would say gets instead. Posted over a year ago
AlphaClub commented…
You add the ' when you are talking about the ownership of something. over a year ago
AlphaClub commented…
(I am not really a grammar nazi, I am just trying to make a point, lol.) over a year ago
AlphaClub commented…
Where at, and how? over a year ago
big smile
rosy_rainbow said …
i'm the 167th member to join!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
Wolf_Tamer commented…
*I'm over a year ago
yaoifangirl98 said …
i wish i could help if i could i would help in any way posabil Posted over a year ago
rosy_rainbow commented…
*possible over a year ago
rosy_rainbow commented…
be warned, do NOT misspell a single word on here, there are a TON of grammar nazis over a year ago
LilacRoses commented…
Look at all the lowercase 'I's! O.O over a year ago