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Greece National Anthem GreeK & English lyrics

Top Thasos beaches | drone

Top Rhodes beaches | drone

Top Crete beaches, Chania province | drone

Zakynthos | drone

crete. august. 2015. sun. | drone

Χανιά - Chania, Crete in 4K

Agios Nikolaos on SUP 2017 event

The Greek Bahamas: Lichadonisia | drone

Tales of Crete | drone

Drone flight over wonderful lagoon of Balos

Best of Crete 2016 | drone

Spetses ("From Dapia to the Lighthouse") | drone

Greek Island - Spetses from the air | drone

Sivota & Perdika beaches | drone

Antipaxos island, Voutoumi beach | drone

Elafonisos island, Simos beach | drone

Agistri island & beaches | drone

Skiathos | drone

Amazing Skiathos Island | drone

Kythira | drone

Mani, Peloponnese | drone

Mani, Peloponnese | drone

Sounion - Σούνιο | drone

Mega Spileo Monastery, Καλάβρυτα aerial

Santorini in 4K | Aerials 4K Drone 2016

Glyfada - Γλυφάδα | 4k | drone

Voidokilia Beach Navarino | drone

Elafonisos in 4K | Aerials 4K Drone 2016

Rhodes and Symi

Naxos and Koufonisi


Paxos and Antipaxos



Porto Timoni Beach, Corfu | drone

Koufonissi - Paradise on Earth | drone

GREECE | vlog 5

GREECE | vlog 4

GREECE | vlog 3

GREECE | vlog 2

GREECE | vlog 1

Crete | Epic Phantom 4 Drone Aerial Video

Crete Time-lapse

Crete and Santorini | Drone

Enchanting Zakynthos in 4K | drone

Zakynthos, Zante 2016 HD places that you must see (drone)

Amazing Crete | drone

Corfu Paleokastritsa | drone

Joni Mitchell - Carey - Matala Crete

Crete - feel the island

Crete and Santorini

Zakynthos and Kefalonia



Paradise Beach (Chomi) | drone

What to do on Corfu

Santorini - the lost Atlantis | Islands of Greece

Into the Blue | Santorini


CRETE, Greece | Beautiful Beaches Aerial Drone 4K

Chania: The Cretan Soul

Argo - Utopian Land (Greece) 2016 Eurovision Song Contest

Parthenon By Costa-Gavras

Spring in Greece

Gorgeous Chania in Crete Island

Autumn Colors

Autumn Fairytale

Winter's Beauty

Crete - Find Greece

Some of the best beaches in Greece

Interesting facts about modern Greece

Santorini - Freedom & Romance

5 things you will love & hate in Greece

The Persians & Greeks: Crash Course World History #5

Greek traditional clothes 2

Greek traditional clothes 1

Amazing "Pentozali" dance from Crete

Love Greece xD


Slovakia- Greece, 0-1 (16/10/2012) National Football Team

8th Traditional Greek Dance Festival from Pontos.

paxoi antipaxoi foto video.

Chania (Old Town and New City) in Crete

OFFICIAL TRAILER of the Greek movie "God loves of Caviar"

Athens Festival 2012

Paralympics 2012 opening ceremony - Greece (720p)

Volos city in Greece won the Guinness Record for the largest syrtaki in the world

Olympic Games 2012, Ilias Iliadis wins bronze metal.

Goal by Giorgos Karagkounis, Spanish Television

Greece-Russia, Goal, The end of the game, and the Coach Fer.Santos

Greek players celebrating their victory against Russia in Euro 2012

Greece-Russia, 1-0, Euro 2012 (Russian television)

Greece Road to Euro 2012

Greece's Spot for the Euro 2012

2012 Olympic Flame Lit in Greece

London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay: The lighting ceremony in Olympia GREECE

I am Spyros and i am M*******

Why You Should Care: Greek Debt VIDEO

I am Ketarina and i am Hellene