Hey there people!

Made this rhyme, not too long ago. On what could be the possible reason on how Olympus fell.

I was wondering, for the ones who read it and have greater knowledge than me on "Greek Myhtology". If they could let me know, in order to adjust the indescrepencies.

Second, let me know what you think of it! And take part in taking this to a philosophical level.

Thanks for taking the time and have fun reading!

Olympus has Fallen.

As the titans forged the world.
A nova of light, hurled.
Like a hammer on anvil striking
Sea and Sand, dividing.

Onward the first dawn of light,
A terrace arose to godly height.
Mount olympus this day, born.
The gods to Titans in loyalty, sworn.

Also to the world introduced.
Flora and Fauna, which the gods amused.
One race destined to evolve.
To send prayers, to gods below and above.

Thousands of years, in harmony lived.
The gods from titans, went adrift.
Seeing what made feeling right.
The gods banished the Titans from sight.

From this day a new era begun.
The time of gods, right and wrong.
One of Oceans, one of storms.
One of the underworld, whom all foul belongs.

Countless others also rose.
Eventually how many, no one knows.
For in the gods, was one flaw.
They had to be worshipped, in great awe.

On every single earthly day.
The humans had a god to pray.
Ever evolved as mankind got.
Less they believed in all, but one god.

Why so many, if one is enough.
To pray for when life is tough.
To pray for when you are in need.
Of health, love, or someother divine deed.

The gods of Olympus had to give way.
For the one and only god to stay.
One who cherishes each and any.
And whom shall guide the souls of many.

In all these millenia of time past.
There is one lesson all and any had.
That even for beings of outmost divinity.
Nothing lasts into infinity.

An end is certain to come.
For me, you, everyone.
Even the universe will be torn.
But only to eventually, be reborn.