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Maverick7821 said …
I am so upset at the way Felicity is treating Oliver! I'm tired of the jabs she constantly throws at him for not disclosing personal information.she will find out what happens when she runs her mouth and tells any one she thinks can be trusted secret priveldged information concerning The Green Arrow. if she doesn't understand he didn't tell her about his son because he would have lost him then she doesn't deserve to be with him! She's gonna get burned by this new beau she has. I'd kick her off Posted 7 months ago
Maverick7821 commented…
I'd kick her off the team.. this new guy she has is obviously Prometheus.. I hope no one dies cause of her stupidity! 7 months ago
cherryprincess said …
The green arrow rocks ^_^ Posted over a year ago
CapShunsuifan13 said …
Does this club even have to do with the comic character or is it just the Smallville version? Posted over a year ago
19leeann commented…
Comic and Smallville over a year ago