'My love for the Green Bay Packers' established in 1998
I love the idea that Brett Favre can live up to 275 (as random a number that is) years old, I love the idea that Brett Favre has never stepped a foot out of place, I even love the idea that he's been THE face of the franchise for the past 17 or so years, but come on... enough is enough! This is the guy year after year come the off-season becomes a part of the front office, feeling that he can make decisions on who the Packers should pick in the draft, who they should go after in free agency and who the Packers should cut or trade from the roster. The last time I checked, he was there to throw the ball to a receiver or hand it off to his running back, nothing more, nothing less. To think he can suggest moves that the head coach, the general manager, AND the chairman are more than capable to make is shocking and if it was any other team, the guy would be sent packing (no pun intended).

*WARNING* My first ever analogy between football "soccer", and football "NFL" *WARNING*

Manchester United one of the worlds most richest (both in the trophy room AND financially) have had a history of players that have stepped out of line (David Beckham, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Paul Ince, Dwight Yorke and Mark Bosnich) and the man that sent each one of them on their way WHILE IN THEIR PRIME was Alex Ferguson. He's a man that if you cross, he'll make you pay. People have said it, "get on Fergie's bad side, and you better hope another team is after you as odds are, you're out!". If the Packers had a head coach or a general manager in that 17 years that shared that way of thinking, Brett Favre would have retired or even been traded ages ago!

*WARNING* End of analogy *WARNING*

Although Brett Favre has now moved onto pastures new, now I feel a void. There's the void of "where's my Packers telenovela? Will or won't Brett Favre retire?", then the void of "Make this guy a member of the front office... PA-lease!", and then my biggest void "The media asking Brett questions while he's at his charity golfing do". I really do need to look to something else now as the draft feels like a lifetime away. I'm not inhumane though, I do wish the guy well and he seriously was a great servant to the Green Bay Packers franchise, and I wish him all the best in the future and in everything he does in it (except robbery, that's kinda lame to wish a guy luck).

But now it's time... It's time for Aaron Rodgers to prove all the critics wrong... or TRY to. They saying "he has big shoes to fill" doesn't quite fit the bill in this situation, let me try and put this to scale... Brett Favre is 'Friends' and Aaron Rodgers is 'Joey'. Many people will be saying "don't even TRY and replace something a whole mess of us loved more than our spouse! You can't do it!" but by-gum Aaron Rodgers will try. Of course these things won't happen overnight. I never thought they would. All I hope is cheeseheads everywhere give the man the chance, and when I say chance I say 8 games at least. With 8 games, I'm sure Rodgers would win at least 2 or 3 of them. 2-6/3-5 in the NFC is a good position for a new guy to take the reigns. If teams can sneak into the playoffs with a 7-9 record, I think 2-6/3-5 is great even for a new-new guy and he SHOULD be in safe hands.

Here I' am writing off Rodgers before a pass has been thrown, not very productive at all from the guy that has been dreaming about this day for some time. I see things for the long haul, and this is no different really. It's safe to say the Packers needed to do this like a bandage on a child, quick and painless. But year after year, will he or won't he? It was built up to be as bloody and painful as physically possible, even the inevitability of Favre retiring began to shrink. Now it's all done, I can smile as we now have a guy that will keep the indecision in his passes rather than bring along off-field indecision as well!

From a Packers fan... I'm probably going to Packers Hell for typing this.
Thanks for the memories Favre, now get in the taxi and leave this to a new generation!