You know you're a Grey's Anatomy fan when...

1. You start McNaming all your McFriends and everything else in your McLife.

2. You don't do anything on Thursdays except watch Grey's Anatomy.

3. You cry when they cry

4. You've decided you want to be a surgeon despite your lack of science skills (mhm, that's me!)

5. You can randomly quote Grey's anytime, anywhere. (haha my friends hate it)

6. Seriously. Seriously?! SERIOUSLY!!!!

7. You think it'd be a sin for Meredith and Derek not to be together (it's totally a sin! *ahem Shonda*)

8. You want to cut open Rose with a scalpel (yes please)

9. You cried when Meredith almost died (even though it would make no sense if she did) and in all the last few Denny Duquette episodes.

10. You now know what not to do when disarming a bomb from somebody's body cavity.

11. You talk about Grey's ALL THE TIME to everyone

12. You tell your friends about what happened in the latest episode even though they're not listening- and you usually end up being pissed off at them -.-

13. You get emotional everytime you hear 'Chasing Cars' on the radio

14. You hear a song that was in an episode and you immediately say "OMG that's from Grey's Anatomy".

15. You buy every season on DVD.

16. You pause the Grey's DVD if you're leaving the room, even though you've already seen the episode a million times.

17. You wish you were best friends with Cristina Yang.

18. You tell your friends you've watched someone perform open heart surgery in an elevator.

19. You're officially naming your children Addison, Meredith, Izzie, George, Derek, Bailey, Alex, Owen, Callie... you get the idea.

20. You wish Dr. Addison Montgomery was there to deliver your baby.

21. You're devastated that George didn't pass his intern exam.

22. You have dance parties in your living rooms to get over a crappy day at work/argument with a friend.

23. You constantly refer to your best friend as your 'person'.

24. You have a Grey's playlist in your iPod/mp3.

25. You wish you had a knight in shining whatever.

26. The writers strike left you emotionally unstable for weeks.

27. You know what SGH stands for.

28. You go to every movie with Patrick Dempsey in it, just so you can get your McDreamy fix (-this is TOTALLY me)

29. You wish you could be admitted to SGH when you're sick.

30. You think characters can hear you when you scream at the TV.

31. You wish they were as bad-ass as Bailey.

32. You've watched the last scene from the season 4 finale over and over again because it was extraordinary.

33. You wish someone would look at you like the way McDreamy look at Meredith.

34. You relate yourself and everything, everyone around you to the show

35. You want to go to the hospital just to check out hot doctors, hopefully you'll find someone like McDreamy, McSteamy, Evil Spawn or Bambi

36. You have a thing for hospital elevators

37. You hate Shonda Rhimes sometimes (or most of the time) ;P

38. You think waiting for a week is too long

39. You think surgeons are the coolest in the medical profession

40. You cried like a baby during the season 5 finale (yup, admit it ppl!)

41. {New addition~} You want to have ALL the characters as your roommates (well okay maybe not with the chief and Bailey may not be fun... o_O)

Do you agree or disagree? Put your opinions in the comments! Feel free to add your own too =D