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Opinion by vipvictor posted over a year ago
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Opinion by Rodayna posted over a year ago
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Because he didn't know her back then. But now he does.
--> Because he's the bad boy and she the sweet model.
--> Because he is jealous when Izzie is with another guy.
--> Because he still had feelings for her
--> Because she didn't want Alex to move in considering their past.
--> Because they're hot.
--> Because they love each other.
--> Because they are friends.
--> Because they both let Cristina of the hook.
--> Because she orders everything he said.
--> Because Izzie is the first one in the hospital that sees that Alex is okay.
--> Because they blew away an eyelash together.
--> Because he thinks she deserves to have someone.
--> Because she didn't want to believe that he is really over her.
--> Because he is jealous of O'Malley.
--> Because she thinks he is so offensive and yet so charming all at the same time.
--> Because he asks her out for real.
Opinion by SunnyDevil posted over a year ago
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I found that in one forum. xD

Because he flew to Seattle twice just to be w/ her
Because she's not guilty anymore (from Oh, The Guilt)
Because they lived together in NY
Because he wanted a room on the same floor as hers
Because they are far from being over
Because he didn't go back to NY
Because it was not all just about sex
Because they are a beautiful destaster
Because it wasnt a game
Because "He Did"
Because She's worth it
Because they're both THAT good. Especially together
Because we all know they make the best kind of dirty