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GrimSpeech posted on Feb 09, 2010 at 05:25AM
Well there are twenty one of us and we add one to our numbers every business day. I for one enjoy this place but if grim tales afterbirth comes out we may have a different thread. Will this fanpop stay active and running through afterbirth or should we erase it because the name is grim tales from down below.

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over a year ago vganimagus said…
I think you should keep this place up and running it may be a new series but it's the same story so to speak. If you want people to join this club than advertise , even make a link on the snafu forums. Though be aware if you do you may lead some jerks here. But it's not up to me so whatev.
over a year ago GrimSpeech said…
I agree with you entirely though it is not my descision to make fully only my concept to grasp and my opion to voice -I thank you
over a year ago GrimSpeech said…
If only the rest of you spoke more!!!
over a year ago sugarcane15 said…
no keep the title , just make a new club
over a year ago Jenny_1751 said…
Keep it!!!! Grim Junior is cuter when he was a kid.