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The Seavers
The Seavers
Maggie and Jason Seaver
The Seavers
Maggie and Jason Seaver
Ben Seaver
Ben Seaver
Kirk and Chelsea at their wedding on July 20, 1991 in Cheektowaga, NY
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The fans pick: Yes,I did! She played DJ Tanner
Yes,I did! She played DJ Tanner
I didn't know it!
The fans pick: Mike Seaver
Mike Seaver
Carol Seaver
The fans pick: No, but I wanna!
No, but I wanna!
The fans pick: Boner Stabone (Mike's best friend)
Boner Stabone (Mike's best friend)
"Stinky" Sullivan(Ben's best friend)
The fans pick: Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio
Brad Pitt
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Growing Pains Wall

otkur said …
first of all I want to ask you guys . is there has Growing pains season 4 to season 7 ?
And where can I download the all complete ? thank you tell me Posted 2 months ago
sweetpea9335a said …
Hey Fans! Alan Thicke is nominated for a 2012 Big Daddy Award as TV Hall of Fame Big Daddy! You can vote for him as many times as you want starting MONDAY at! Posted over a year ago
gthouse67 said …
I loved Growing Pains when it was on. If I see a channel that is playing it, I will watch it. Posted over a year ago
shannonmacri commented…
My favorite family show of the 80's. I LOVED IT. over a year ago