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"I can't believe it Duncan dumped me to go back out with Courtney"

I could see Gwen wasn't ok.

"Gwen is there anything i could do to help?"

"Go kill Courtney maybe"

"I can't do that"

I sat down next to her and she put her head on my shoulder.

"I mean i'm pretty and funny and nice..and Courtney.....she has the one guy i should have"

"Gwen don't you think they would have gone back out even if you guys weren't dating?"

"Yea but he's.."

"Cute funny....and has someone else"

I couldn't bring up that i still like her.not now.


"Why don't we go to the bleach i mean we have 2 weeks until we go back to school and i know my way around paris..i lived here you know"

"Really you lived here?"

"Yea my mom and dad got a disvorce and i could only stay with one and i chose my mom i only get to stay with me dad over the summer..but since i did this for three seasons i couldn't see my dad"

"Wow sad life"

"No not really...two bedrooms two tv's double in cristmas presents"

I had her following me and we had a really good talk after i got her mind off of Duncan and courtney.

"Yea my life it's not what i would like it to be"

"Why is that"

"Well my mom works every day and i have to watch my brother most of the time and on weekends we go shopping for food ,clothes that junk"

"Wow sad life"

"No not really my brother helps me get out.I let him play at the park and i invite some friends over"

"really sounds like fun"

"It is"

She grabbed my hand.I blushed after she did that.I really did still like her and with sierra out of the way i get to Date who ever i want.I took her to the beach after I showed her where I lived at.It was about sundown and she was laying on my chest listening to my heartbeat.

"It's almost sundown Gwen"

She didn't answer.I looked to see she was sleeping on me.After i watched the sundown by myself i picked her up in a bridalhold and carried her to my car.When i got her home i woke her up.

"Gwen you're home"

"Thanks Cody and thanks for the great day"

"Your welcome"

I walked her to her house and i was hoping she would kiss me but she didn't she just went in the house.I started to walk away when she came back out.


She ran to me and hugged me.She looked at my mouth and I kissed her.

"Night Cody" she said with a smile.

"Night Gwen"