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Gwen Stefani Question

What are the best two gwen stefani performances (good vocals and dancing)?

My friends insists that Lady Gaga is better than Gwen in performing, so we decided to gather a group of friends and show them two performances of each artist and let them vote to see who is better. So I need two of Gwen's best performances?
 nadiar16 posted over a year ago
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Gwen Stefani Answers

OneRedonkChick said:
The two best performances I've seen from her would have to be "Hollaback Girl" during a concert for the Harajuku Lovers Tour, and "Don't Speak" at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim.
What I loved about her "Hollaback Girl" performance was that it was one of her most dynamic, and elaborate to date. The pep rally theme added a nice touch, and seemed to really get the crowd pumped. (
As for her "Don't Speak" performance, it was without question one of her most iconic to date. Her live vocals in this performance were on point, and perfectly showcased her skills as a stage performer.
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posted over a year ago 
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