The town is on the way to Palm Springs,CA where the family likes to vacation quite often. She was seen at the Desert Hills Outlet mall. She had new baby Zuma with her, and they both looked amazing. Gwen was wearing her signature red lipstick and a red scarf with roses on it, she had on capris denim jeans, and wedge heels. She went into such stores as Carter's where she purchased clothes for both of her boys. She also went into Dolce and Gabbana and Dior. When i approached her for a picture, she declined saying that "if she took a picture with me, then she would have to take a picture with everyone." although dissapointed i was not mad, because i am sure she would have been bombarded, and would have not been able to shop. SHE is soooo beautiful in person, she was amazing and she looked like a barbie, or more like one of her posters