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Meraal said …
STEREO HEARTS! Posted over a year ago
lovequeen33 said …
i love all of there songz and them!(FIGHTER!!!!!) Posted over a year ago
oceanlungsx said …
watch the new fighter video! link Posted over a year ago
peeta909 said …
i love the song the fighter Posted over a year ago
satnightonline said …
What if you could video chat with the guys from Gym Class Heroes? We have your chance here! Click on the link for more details to try and win over their "Stereo Hearts"

link Posted over a year ago
puja43 said …
My heart's a stereo❤
It beats for you, so listen close❤
Hear my thoughts in every no-o-o-te❤
Make me your radio❤
And turn me up when you feel low❤
This melody was meant for you❤
Just sing along to my stereo❤

Love this song❤❤ Posted over a year ago
puja43 said …
I LOVE GYM CLASS HEROES!!! and my fav song is stereo hearts and ass back home!! love them
Posted over a year ago
Tdwtrockz said …
I luvstereo hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted over a year ago
Candyfreak said …
stereo hearts is my favorite song Posted over a year ago
Tdwtrockz commented…
ditto! :) over a year ago
Airbear1125 said …
My Hearts A Stereo. is A GREAT Song. :) Posted over a year ago
jj_bobby said …
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