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Guide by Amzaza posted over a year ago
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Hello, here's how to look like Bella Hartley!!!


Bella has dirty blonde hair with medium layers, texturized layers, and kind of thin hair. If you want to go get a haircut like hers, be sure to bring in plenty of pictures of Bella, so your hairstylist gets an idea of what you want to do with you hair. Bella wears her hair down alot (with Beachy waves), in a high ponytail with her bangs pulled back, in a side braid, flat ironed, curled, crimped, or the half up/half down hairstyle.


Bella has mainly a nude lip color and light makeup. To achieve this, follow these steps below.

1. Create a makeup pouch/bag or box containing clear lipgloss, concealer, eyeliner sticks, eyeshadows, lotions, acne creams, brushes, ECT.

2. Start by applying your acne creams, and then finish it off with aveeno lotion (Recommended).

3. Next, apply a light, light-colored coat of eyeshadow on your eyelids (Preferably golden brown, or peach-colored). Then move on to the eyeliner. Take any stick (be sure it's light colored, and/or a brown eyeliner stick) and apply it to the corner of your eyes to make them...