Hello, here's how to look like Bella Hartley!!!


Bella has dirty blonde hair with medium layers, texturized layers, and kind of thin hair. If you want to go get a haircut like hers, be sure to bring in plenty of pictures of Bella, so your hairstylist gets an idea of what you want to do with you hair. Bella wears her hair down alot (with Beachy waves), in a high ponytail with her bangs pulled back, in a side braid, flat ironed, curled, crimped, or the half up/half down hairstyle.


Bella has mainly a nude lip color and light makeup. To achieve this, follow these steps below.

1. Create a makeup pouch/bag or box containing clear lipgloss, concealer, eyeliner sticks, eyeshadows, lotions, acne creams, brushes, ECT.

2. Start by applying your acne creams, and then finish it off with aveeno lotion (Recommended).

3. Next, apply a light, light-colored coat of eyeshadow on your eyelids (Preferably golden brown, or peach-colored). Then move on to the eyeliner. Take any stick (be sure it's light colored, and/or a brown eyeliner stick) and apply it to the corner of your eyes to make them POP!

4. Next is the lips. To achieve Bella's Nude-Colored lip, start by apply some concealer with your brush and/or concealer stick (Remember to apply Vaseline or a chapstick before you do this). Once you're finished with the concealer, apply a light-coat of clear-colored lipgloss over top. This will finish off the lips. (You can also create your own nude-colored lipgloss! Check out step 6, to see how!!!)

TIP: To get your lipgloss to stay on ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT, take a makeup brush and get some baby powder on it, then blot it all over you lips. This will not change the color of your lips/lipgloss. (Don't worry!)

5. Next is the skin tone. If you're a little younger like me, get a spray tan, or use tanning lotions. DO NOT get a tan at a tanning bed unless you feel comfortable with it and are a little older than I am.


1) If you would like to get Bella's nude colored lips, follow these steps to make your own TRAVEL SIZE lipgloss!!!
2) Materials List:
3) A small "Travel Size" makeup/lipgloss container (Purchased at a drugstore)
4) A disposable cup
5) Toothpicks
6) A towel or Kleenex
7) Regular lipgloss *(Any Color-Preferably clear-colored or light pink to add more of a nude color to your lipgloss).*
A teaspoon
9) Concealer
10) White Shimmery Powder


1. Purchase a small makeup container from a drugstore, to put your lipgloss in when you're finished.
2. Gather all of your materials above.
3. Put some regular lipgloss in your disposable cup to start with.
4. Add some Concealer (If your concealer comes in a circular container, use a toothpick, get some out from around the edges, and drop it in the cup with your regular lipgloss. If it comes in a tube/stick, push some out into the cup).
5. Add some Shimmery white powder.
6. Use another toothpick to mix it up.
7. Add more ingredients if needed.
8. When you're finished, use your teaspoon to get the lipgloss out of the cup, and then put it in the makeup container.
9. Label your container, "Nude Colored Lipgloss" and decorate it if you want to! You can also carry it around in your pocket at school, or when you're going out.

A few MORE easy ways to get "Nude" Lips:

1) Use E.L.F. Lip Primer and Plumper, then Baby Powder over top so it'll stay on ALL DAY LONG!:D
2) Buy "MAC Myth" Nude Coloured Lipstick!
3) Use Concealer, then Clear or Light-Pink Lipgloss over top of that.


Bella wears very colorful clothes (light blue, white, yellow, ECT.) She wears shorts or capris for her pants, and usually tank-tops, halters, or spaghetti strap tops! On special occasions, she wears pretty white dresses/skirts. For shoes, Bella wears mainly flats, flip-flops/sandals, and sometimes tennis-shoes!


Bella is outgoing, around Rikki and Cleo, but very shy around Will (her secret crush) until she gets to know him later in the season. She is very nice and sweet, and is never really "Mean." She can get frustrated and angry at some times, but she definately doesn't try to be.

I got this off Cleo71, so all credit goes to her. And she created this article and wrote it ( i copied and pasted ) all out so if your using this for your club please give the credit to Cleo71 - link