H2O: Just Add Water (Series 3) "Happy Families"
I'm Cleo71 (Cleo Sertori) and I'm here to bring you your H2O: Just Add Water Magazine! (Issue 3!) This issue is a Special Cleo Sertori Issue! It will show you how to look Exactly like her (For Fun!), and how to get a Great boyfriend like Lewis (Her Boyfriend on H2O!)

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"How To: Look like Cleo Sertori!"

Have you ever wanted to have hair exactly like Cleo's from Season 3 of H2O? Or Look exactly like her for Fun? Well, this article will show you how to do that!


FOR Makeup: E.L.F. Primer and Plumper, MAC Myth, Baby Powder, Eyeliner (Brown and Black Colours), Shimmery Brown Eyeshadow, Acne Creams, Lotion (Aveeno Lotion Recommended), Lipbalms or Vaseline, ECT (Anything else you have!)

FOR Hair Tool/Necessites: A brush, Hair Straighteners, a Curling-iron, quality Shampoos and Conditioners, a blow dryer, a Bathtub/Jacuzzi, Bubbles (To add to bath or jacuzzi), a local hairstylist

FOR Clothes and Shoes: Cute Colorful Clothes, Tennis-shoes, sandals, flats, a local mall or store

MAKEUP: First use Acne Creams to clean your face before applying makeup. After your creams finish it off with Aveeno Lotion. Then, move onto Eyeliner! Use Brown Eyeliner (Cleo usually wears brown, if anything. She only wears black on the last Ep. of Season 3, "Graduation.") After eyeliner, use Brown Shimmery Eyeshadow. Then, after that, use E.L.F Lip Primer and Plumper for a "Nude" Lip Colour. Then, Use Baby Powder over top of that so it'll stay on longer. If you don't have the Lip Primer and Plumper, buy "MAC Myth" Nude Lipstick. This finishes off the makeup.

HAIR: Go to your local hairstylist and consult him/her. Cleo has her hair thinned SOME, layers (Mainly around her jawbone), Brown Hair, Caramel Highlights, Extensions, Texturized Layers/hair in general, and Point-Cut Ends. Also, Bring in Pictures of Cleo, so your hairstylist can get an idea of what you want. Lastly, wear the hair your usually do and parted the way you usually do. These tips will help you get a GREAT CLEO SERTORI HAIRSTYLE.
HAIR (Part 2): Once you've gotten your haircut, and hopefully love it, get in your Jacuzzi/bath and add bubbles! Just RELAX! Use quality shampoos and conditioners! (Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner work well. Also Use Moroccan Oil [AKA. Argan Oil] also make your hair REALLY, Super Smooth, silky, and manageable! It's a Miracle! All you have to do is take one pump in the palm of your hand and put it all over your hair! Brush your hair out when you're out of the bathtub/Jacuzzi and put it in a pretty updo, or leave it down. If your hair is naturally curly and you would like to straighten it, grab a straightener and go for it! If you hair is naturally straight and you you'd like to curl it (AGAIN) Grab one and go for it!

WARDROBE: Go though your closet and pick out pretty, cute colorful clothes! Cleo sometimes wears tennis-shoes, but mainly sandals or flats! For Example: Cleo might wear a colorful pair of sunshine yellow flats, or some white tennis-shoes, and maybe even some hot pink sandals!



Make list of all the things you want in a guy! To find a guy like Lewis, the list would be this:

1) Cute
2) Smart
3) Funny
4) Outgoing
5) Caring
6) Fun-Loving
7) Kind

Look for these things in every guy you meet. Once you find that guy, start flirting & Talking to him more! This will help you find a guy like Lewis!

I hope that you enjoyed my Issue! Please leave a comment! Thanks!
H2O: Just Add Water (Series 3) Cleo & Lewis - "Graduation"