Chapter 1: Emma’s back
    It was a beautiful day on the gold coast Bella, Cleo and Rikki were out at Mako Island. They were all mermaids and were hanging out in the moon pool. They were relaxing and thinking about the night before.
    Bella started the conversation, “I’m glad we saved mako from that comet.”
    “Yeah I was really scared first that we weren’t going to make it,” Cleo agreed.
    “Me too I thought we were goners” said Rikki agreeing with Cleo and Bella.
They all paused then looked around the moon pool there was rubble and crystals everywhere.
    Bella said “look what Sophie and Ryan did to our place”
    Cleo said “they’ve wrecked the moon pool”
    “There’s still magic here I can feel it” said Rikki, “what if we cleaned up the cave at least it’ll look a bit better.”
    Cleo and Bella agreed “that’s a great idea”
    Cleo said “yeah but it would be a lot of work for the three of us”
    “Why don’t we get the guys involved even Zane could help after all he did try to stop them” suggested Bella.
    The girls agreed on the idea and swam back to the harbor; they dried off and sent the guys a text to meet them at the café. Rikki phoned Zane so he could clear out the café for a meeting. After Rikki said that Zane said he had the café already cleared out because he and Lewis had a surprise for them. When they got to the café Lewis and Zane were the only two there then will came in behind them.
    Rikki said “okay Zane what’s the surprise.”
    “Lewis what are you hiding” Cleo asked
    Lewis said “okay we should just bring her out.”
    Will said “what’s going on?”
    Bella answered “Zane has a surprise for us and won’t tell what it is.”
    Zane said “alright guys you can come out now”
    When Zane said that Rikki and Cleo see their friend Emma and her boyfriend Ash come out of Zane’s office. The bunch of friends goes over to the couches between the stage and the door and introduces Will and Bella to Emma and Ash.
    Cleo said “Emma we are so happy your back”
    Rikki said “yeah we’ve had so much going on lately it’s not funny but we’ll explain about that later.”    
    “I missed you guys too and who are they” Emma said
    Ash said “I was just thinking the same thing.”
    Bella introducing herself and Will “hi I’m Bella and this is my boyfriend Will”
    “Nice to meet you I’m Emma and this is my boyfriend Ash” said Emma.
    “What is it that you wanted to meet here for” asked Zane.
    “Well we were out at Mako Island and we were thinking about the mess that Ryan and Sophie made in the moon pool cave” answered Rikki.
    “So we thought it might be nice to clean it up since there is rubble and crystals everywhere” said Bella.
    “Why what happened at mako while we were gone why do we need to clean it up?” Lewis and Emma asked at the same time.
    Rikki started to explain “Well it was a couple weeks before school this was before we knew Bella me and Cleo was walking down the beach when a couple of guys were acting like jerks because Bella couldn’t go in the water. So we used our powers to teach them a lesson and went on our way. After that we were lid on the beach relaxing and talking about how you were gone for our last year of school which Lewis was here for most of the year. Then I get a text from Zane saying he has a surprise for me so then we both leave the beach. I go to see what Zane wants and Cleo goes home.”
    Cleo explains more “When I get home I see Lewis on the couch reading a magazine, eating pizza and being lazy. So then I say let’s do something and then my dad comes in and he stops being lazy.”
    Rikki continues explaining “On my way to meet Zane I meet will for the first time he was having trouble starting his boat so I told him to give it less choke and it worked. He was off to Mako Island to go diving. Then Zane comes up behind me and brings me to his surprise which was this café. It was opening that night and we were partners and he named it Rikki’s after me. So then we hand out flyers to promote opening night the café had live music and everything.”
    Will explains his part “When I got out to mako I put my tool belt, goggles and flippers on and dive in. I swim around looking at shells when I see a shimmer in the water I follow it in to the moon pool cave and look around. Then I see the back wall shimmer with blue energy and me I think its cool.”
     Cleo explains about when Rikki told her and Lewis “Rikki came over and told us about the café we ask if its tonight then I ask her if she’s forgetting something. She thinks it’s about the cover charge and its not. Then I mention that it was a full moon that it was ‘werewolf time’ and that if we start ‘howling’ at the moon she cuts me off and says if everyone isn’t howling at the moon by 10 then I have failed.”
    Will explains more about what he saw “after I explored the cave a bit more a huge water fall fills the back wall and sucks my torch into it.”
    Cleo then explains what happened to her “I was in the bath when Rikki called me asking if she made the right choice. I say that it’s her idea and she earned it we hang up then I get out of the bath and dry off. I start getting ready for the party and Rikki calls and asks for advice saying that she thinks it’s a great idea and that she’s always been her own person and saying how Zane’s like her boss. I tell her that he’s her partner. She asks how it’s going to work. I say that its too late now then I ask her what she thinks I should wear. She says I look good in anything as long as I don’t out shine her. As soon as hang up I see a water tentacle behind me in the mirror it attacks me but misses and hits the mirror.”
    Cleo explains what happens when she gets to the café “I explained it to Lewis and he says that there’s nothing about mermaid magic we don’t know about. Then we find Rikki and Zane I don’t think we should be there but we go inside any way. When we get inside we find out that its Nate’s band that’s playing and he’s terrible. When he finishes the song his drummer runs off stage after Nate says something to him then while Rikki is arguing with Nate Bella introduces herself to me then Nate says he doesn’t need a drummer and is even more terrible. Zane says it’s not that bad and Bella say if you ignore his complete lack of rhythm and the fact that he’s tone deaf. Rikki then introduces Nate to Bella and Bella sang with the band but they still didn’t have a drummer so I suggested Lewis because he used to be really good at the drums.”
    Will explains what happened after he lost his torch “after my torch got sucked in to the energized water fall it started shooting bolts of energized water in to the moon pool. Then a tentacle appeared in the water I tried to touch it but it attacked me and knocked me out.”
     Cleo explains what happened with the tentacle “everyone was dancing and having a good time when one of the waiters got bumped and lost the tray on the floor so while everyone was distracted I dragged Rikki outside to tell her about the water attacking me and she argues that its not the way it works and that we’re mermaids and were supposed to control it. I argue that it’s a full moon. Rikki says I thought we had that sorted. And I say that Lewis thinks we do. Rikki doesn’t find it reassuring and that’s when Bella came outside.”
    Bella explains what she saw “I went outside to see if Rikki and Cleo were okay then ask if there was anything magical going on. Rikki answers with there is no such thing as magic then I see a water tentacle take Rikki. That’s when me and Cleo ran down to the dock I see the corner of Rikki’s tale and that’s when I found out Rikki was a mermaid. Then Cleo looked at me and jumped in the water I jumped in after that’s when I found out that Cleo was a mermaid and she found out I was one. Then we took off for Mako Island and rescued Rikki I used my power on the tentacle while Cleo used her power to hold on to Rikki and the tentacle exploded. That’s when Rikki found out I was a mermaid. Then we heard Will moan and we decided to help him. When we woke him he got startled then he started telling us about what happened. At the time he didn’t know we were mermaids so we told him that he must have hit his head when he fell and dreamt it all. Then he introduced his self to us after we told him he should go see a doctor. The next day we all met at the café and I explained to them that I’ve been a mermaid since I was nine years old. I show them my power and Lewis starts playing with the jelly.”
    “Cool” said Emma
Rikki explains “that’s not all that happened the week we started school Will came up to me and asked if I could show him the other entrance to the moon pool cave. I go to tell the other girls and Cleo suggests we should I don’t want to do it so Bella volunteers so that she could lead him in the wrong direction. She goes to ask him and he says its okay.”
    Bella explains more “that Saturday I went to Mako Island and met Will on the beach he asks if I have a boat and I said some friends dropped me of earlier. I take one of his back packs and we go off. Little did I know Rikki was keeping an eye on us while Cleo and Lewis went and checked out the moon pool. Then we come to the stream that runs through the jungle. I tell him to go on while I take my shoes off. He turns around and asks about it I say I need a minute alone and said something about no bathrooms. So then while he goes off I use my power to make stepping stones across the water I get half way across, loose my balance and fall in the water. I never even got half way out before I grew my tail so then I go over and hide behind the big rock that was there that’s when I found out Rikki was there as well and she saved my tail. Then Will came back and saw Rikki with me and asked what she was doing there and I said I invited her. We go on our way while Rikki takes the back pack we talk about how he got into the moon pool cave then we talk about school how I’ve never been in the same school for more than a year. He says that he’s only been in school one week because he’s been home schooled where his parents have lived on a yacht. When we get to where the cave is I don’t exactly know where the cave entrance is so I walk over and end up falling in the hole Will and Rikki follow. Then we find Cleo and Lewis in the other cave with the pool. Will explains what he saw and Rikki starts yelling at him. Will’s feelings are hurt and he goes outside for some fresh air. Cleo and I start arguing with Rikki we were all right next to the fountain on the back wall and Lewis notices something and tells us to turn around and that’s when we see a tentacle and it almost attacks us. I go to check on Will and when I go back to the moon pool cave I see Cleo trying to figure something out she calls over me and Rikki and another tentacle forms. We figure out that it takes all three of us to attract it.”
    Rikki explains about the dirt bike rally “ a couple of days later Zane holds a bike rally to get money for the café because we were going bankrupt and Bella paid for Will to enter.”
    Cleo continues “later that night I invite Will over for dinner because he saved my job as a dolphin trainer and to find out more about what he saw. We found out that combining the water from the water fall and water from the moon pool had created a water tentacle. The next day Will won the bike rally and got a thousand dollars cash. After that Lewis decided to do some tests on it and a teacher saw the water, she wanted it for Lewis’s practical exam. Then we decide to put it back where came from but I wanted to do some more testing on it and that back fired when Rikki tried to vaporize the water, some of it dripped off my lamp and ended up taking my fish hector so we tried to get it back when Bella helped us out she used her power to turn things to jelly and caught him in a bowl. The only thing was Will caught us and we had to lie and say that my sister Kim put hector in the canal.”
    Bella explains about the second time the tentacle attacks “the second time the tentacle attacked we were all at Cleo’s and were waiting for the full moon to rise. Will ends up coming over and we go out to the back yard to talk we have an argument and that’s when the water tentacle gets me. Cleo and Rikki came to rescue me and Lewis went with Will because he was going out to Mako Island. The tentacle was turning me into water and Cleo had to use her power to hold on to me until the moon passed over head. When I woke up the girls had me out of the water. We were talking about what happened to me when I noticed a light on the wall. So we all jumped in the water and hid. The next day Will comes up to us and shows us his torch that he had lost it was encased in rock.”
    Then Bella explains how Will finds out they’re mermaids “me and the girls went for a swim then went back to the café for a sound check. When the band finishes I catch up with Will and give him a shell I found. Later that day we catch up at his boat shed and we have an argument so I run off. After that I meet him on my way from the beach and we hang out for a while. Then he decides to go for a swim and I wait for him when he comes out of the water we almost kiss but he touches my face with his wet hand and I run out into the water. Later he finds me at the café and we go back to his boat shed he dumps a glass of water on my arm I run out and he follows me. That’s when he finds out that I’m a mermaid. Then he finds out that Rikki and Cleo is a mermaid when Rikki is kid napped by two thugs that passed her two counterfeit bills. So we had to tell Will everything.”
    Will explained what happened with the tentacle after that “Rikki was after having a fight with Zane because he promised she could have the café for her sleepover with the girls because it was a full moon but ended up breaking that promise when he found out I was coming too. I said something about protecting her and she took off to mako island I followed her out in boat and I saw she had a connection with the water tentacle and when it tried to attack me she stopped it like it was under her control. After two days we were worried about Rikki she was spending all of her time out at mako and that’s when I told Cleo and Bella. After that Rikki said we should work with the tentacle and not against it. Then a couple weeks later we found a crystal in the rock that swallowed my torch and another one in the moon pool cave. We discovered that it held pure moon light. This was the week after Rikki and Zane had broken up. After that we were supposed to have an exam but about half way through the sprinklers go off and a water tentacle starts coming out of the water fountain. Then the exams were compromised and the girls went out to mako and the tentacle showed them a vision but me and Zane walked in and interrupted it. Then after the exams we had an end of year beach party and that’s when me and Bella became an official couple. After that the girls went out to mako and simulated a full moon with their crystals and they saw that mako was going to be destroyed by a comet. So the night before our graduation ceremony the girls create a tower of light and throw the comet off course and save the planet. After that Rikki made up with Zane and Lewis comes back from college to see Cleo.”
    “Wow sounds like you’ve had a lot going on since I left but why do the moon pool need to be cleaned up?” said Emma
    “Sophie and Ryan tried to mine them and blew the walls up with dynamite to get the crystals like the ones we have and now there’s rubble and crystals every where” explained Zane.
    So everyone agreed and left the café to head for Mako Island the girls dove in the water and used their tails to torpedo to the moon pool at mako. The boys hopped in Will’s boat took some buckets and garbage bags and also some sacks to put the crystals in just in case Zane needed them to keep the café going if it went under again. When the guys got there they gave the girls each a sack so they could collect the crystals and the boys got to work cleaning up the rocks. After every thing was cleaned up the girls gave the crystals to Zane and the boys took the rocks out side and dumped them in the stream. Everyone left mako island and went back to the café for a juice and celebrated having Emma back home. Zane came out of the office and gave Emma one of the crystals as a necklace and then everyone had a crystal.

Chapter 2: the new girls
    The next day the girls were swimming around for a bit then they went to the moon pool to relax and chat. When the girls entered the moon pool they saw two girls already there. The four girls had never seen them before and the other girls were mermaids like them.
    Cleo says hi “hi I’m Cleo and these are my friends Emma, Rikki and Bella. We had no idea there were other mermaids and were wondering where you moved from?”
    “Nice to meet you I’m Matilda and this is my sister Lily were twins we moved here from a small town named Harbor Mille in Newfoundland Canada” said Matilda introducing herself.
    “When did you become a mermaid and what are your powers?” asked Rikki.
    “We’ve only been a mermaid for a just over a year we changed in a sea cave we found in Harbor Mille. I can create force fields and convert power into energy, I can use my powers to put more force behind punches or when I run. I can turn invisible, and if I wanted to I can wipe out everything within a 100 km radius especially if I’m angry. Lily on the other hand can create tidal waves, and earth quakes, and she can also read the minds of fish and other creatures” said Matilda “and yours?”
    Bella answers “I turn things to jelly and harden them, Rikki heats and boils things can create fire and summon lightning, Cleo can control and mold water and she also controls wind, and Emma can freeze things and create blizzards. Where did you get those crystals their exactly like ours?”
    “We found them in the sea cave where we became mermaids there was a bit hole in the cave floor with a lot of loose crystals so we decided to take a couple and make them into necklaces then we made the hole more square with our powers and put a Plexiglas door over it” said Lily.
    Emma said “why don’t you come back to the café with us we can get a juice and talk some more we were supposed to meet our boyfriends there any way?”
    “Sure we were going to meet our boyfriends there anyway. They moved here with us and know our secret their names are Kyle and Riley martin they’re twins. I go out with Kyle and Lily goes out with Riley” said Mattie
     So all six girls went to the café to meet the guys and to talk more about where the girls came from and share stories about what happened in the past.
    Zane and the other boys come over and the girls introduce them to their new friends.
    Zane asks a question “Who’s this?”
    Rikki answers “hi boys these are our new friends Matilda or Mattie for short, Lily, and their boyfriends Kyle and Riley. Guys these are our boyfriends Zane he’s my boyfriend, Lewis that’s Cleo’s boyfriend, Will he’s Bella’s boyfriend, and Ash he goes out with Emma.”
    “Nice to meet you” Mattie, Lily, Kyle, and Riley said all at the same time.
    “Are you mermaids too?” asked Lewis
    “Yes we are I can create tidal wave and earth quakes, and Mattie has several powers that are branches of the power to make force fields. She’s the most powerful mermaid here” answered Lily.
    The girls then talk about how they have had a person who discovered they were they were mermaids and had said that her name was charlotte. They said that she became a mermaid and got Cleo, Rikki and Emma’s powers. They said they tried to be friends with her but that plan failed and she almost exposed their secret. Then told them how they almost lost their tails but charlotte’s plan back fired and she lost her tail. Right after they told the girls about her two girls walked into the room one Cleo, Rikki and Emma recognized and the other Mattie and Lily recognized.
Chapter 3: Charlotte’s back and she has a partner
    The girls look up and see charlotte and Belle walk into the café and they come over to where the group is sitting and say something to the girls.
    “Hi girls were so sorry for the way we treated you” Charlotte and Belle said at the same time.
    Charlotte apologizes to Emma, Rikki, and Cleo “I’m sorry about trying to get rid of your tails three years ago. The only explanation I have for that was the full moon but I guess that’s not good enough but I just wanted to say sorry and see that we could be friends again.”
    Belle apologizes to Mattie and Lily “same here I’m sorry I tried to expose you girls in front of the whole burin peninsula so can all eight of us be friends.”
    “Sure we can means you won’t be able to do it ever again” said Emma and Mattie together.
    The girls joined the group and they started talking but Rikki suspected there was something they weren’t telling them so she called everyone over except charlotte and Belle.
    Rikki explained her plan and theory “guys I don’t think that charlotte and belle told us everything”
    “You mean they might be mermaids but we got rid of charlotte’s tail three years ago” said Emma
    “And we got rid of belle’s tail about two month’s after she changed when she tried to expose us. We showed her tail to her mother first and her mom said to help her get rid of the tail after that she sent her to boarding school in Hawaii” explained Lily.
    “That’s probably where she met Charlotte because that’s where she moved when we got rid of her tail. They probably met at the same boarding school” said Rikki.
    “So what’s your plan to see if they do have tails again” asked Cleo
    “I’ll give signals to everyone so I’ll be over by the counter cleaning or something. Zane you will clear out the café for a private club meeting including the other staff and keep an eye out for customers. Since Mattie, Lily and Kyle said they could play just about any instrument Mattie and Lily will play the guitars and Kyle will play keyboard. Bella will sing and Lewis will play drums as usual when I give the signal Mattie will shield Emma and Ash then Bella will turn the drinks to jelly. Will and Riley will serve drinks to Emma, Ash, Charlotte and Belle. Cleo you will stand behind the wall by the office and hold a ball of water over each of the girl’s heads.
    When Rikki finished explaining everyone got into position and when she gave the signals everyone did their part. When Cleo dropped the balls of water they discover that Charlotte and Belle were mermaids.
    “How is it possible that your mermaids” asked Emma
    “We found a moon pool in Hawaii where our boarding school was and jumped in on a full moon and we are back for revenge” answered Charlotte.
    Charlotte made a ball of ice and threw it at the girls it was clear that she had the same powers she did before. While she dried her and Belle off the others ran out the door, down to the dock and jumped in the water and headed for Mako Island. When they got there they went to the beach instead of the moon pool in case a mermaid war started. Sure enough Charlotte and Belle followed them. It didn’t take them long to realize that Charlotte had Emma, Rikki, and Cleo’s powers and Belle had Mattie, Bella, and Lily’s powers. The girls came up with a plan to trap Charlotte and Belle. First Mattie created a force field around both Belle and Charlotte then Cleo used her power to mold the water around the individual force fields. Then Bella used her power to turn the shield to jelly then harden it this turned the shield into tanks Cleo and Bella made the outside strong enough to hold Charlotte and Belle. Then Cleo used her power to fill the tanks with water. Then they all turned to Lewis.
    “Lewis do you still have Dr. Denman’s number on your phone?” asked Cleo
    “Why remember what happened last time you encountered her” Lewis answered
    “Well she doesn’t know were mermaids and besides we’ll destroy the tanks and tie their hands around their backs then we’ll take them to the moon pool cave. We will go back to my house and the boys will bring Dr. Denman to Charlotte and Belle.” Cleo explains.
    Lewis goes and calls Dr. Denman and tells her about the two mermaids him and a few others found while the girls swim back to Cleo’s.
    When the girls get to Cleo’s they order a Pizza while they wait for the guys to get back with some news. They talked about different things and after a while decided to watch a movie.
    While the boys were on Mako Island waiting for Dr. Denman they decided that Kyle, Riley, Will, and Zane would carry the two girls to the moon pool cave. So they took Will’s boat out off of the under water entrance to the moon pool cave first Will and Zane took a Metal fence that Belle couldn’t bend and attached it to the cave wall. Then Kyle and Riley took charlotte and Belle and swam into the moon pool cave Will swam in and Zane closed and locked the gate then took the boat back to shore by the time he got there Dr. Denman was talking to Lewis on the beach. Zane caught up and lead Dr. Denman to Charlotte and Belle in the moon pool cave. Dr. Denman looked at them and told her assistants to get the tools off of her boat.
    The girls got bored decided to go out to Mako Island with the boys but they had a problem they couldn’t swim because they didn’t want Dr. Denman to know they were mermaids.
    “I think we should check on the boys but we can swim up because Dr. Denman will find out we’re mermaids” said Cleo worriedly
    “I have an idea why don’t we take my car it’s a really old car that can be driven in water or land we can drive right up on the beach and it’s a rare car” Mattie Suggests.
    “Our Family collects cars and we have our own little secret about our house we moved here together without our parents and we figured out how to attach a huge basement to our garage. After we finished it we installed an elevator in our garage so that we could take any one of our cars out and drive them. Our basement is full of cars. There room for all of us in the car we have its called an Amphicar and no water can get inside the car so it’s safe” Lily explained.
    “Sure let’s go” said Emma.
    So the girls went to Mattie and Lily’s house and got the car then drove off of the back lawn into the water. They went out to mako island and drove up onto the beach when they got out of the car they saw Lewis and Zane on the beach.
    “Hey guys” said Rikki.
    “What you girls doing here and how did get here” Lewis asked
    “We came in Mattie’s Amphicar” answered Bella
     “What?” asked Zane
    “It’s a car that can drive on land and water. "Where’s Dr.Denman?” said Mattie.
    “She’s bringing Charlotte and Belle to her boat to take them to her lab” Lewis explained.
    The girls waited for Dr. Denman to come with the two girls and when she finally came out to the beach she noticed Cleo and the others.
    “Hi girls long time no see. How are you? When did you get here?” asked Dr. Denman.
    “Hi we're good and we came in Mattie’s Amphicar” said Cleo.
    “Interesting cars they are I used to have one myself but it broke why are you out here any way?” Dr. Denman said.
    “We came out here to meet our boyfriends for a picnic we were out here earlier and we all found the two mermaids and when we realized we had forgot the food for our picnic we went back to get some that’s when the boys called you” explained Bella.
    So the girls watched Dr. Denman take the girls away then they got the picnic basket out of the trunk of the car and had their picnic. Then boys took the car and boat back to shore while the girls swam back as well. Then they had a big celebration. The next day the girls met at the café and were wondering if there were any more caves like the ones that turned all the girls into mermaids in the first place. The one at mako island that changed Cleo, Rikki and Emma, the cave in Ireland where Bella became a mermaid, the cave where Mattie and Lily became mermaids in Newfoundland and the cave where Charlotte and Belle got their tails in Hawaii. They wanted to check it out but the needed more help than just each other and the boys. They needed to let their parents in on the secret because they needed all the help they could get.

Chapter 4: Time to tell the parents
    The girls decided that they were going to call all of the parents to meet with all of them the girl’s parents and the guy’s parents. They decided to use Mattie and Lily’s pool they had in their basement to show all of the parents they were mermaids after they told them. Then they would use their sports gym to show their parents the powers they had.
    So the girls took all day Friday fool proofing the plan and told their families to meet them at Mattie’s 9:00 AM the next morning. Cleo called her Dad and told him to meet her at Mattie’s along with Sam and her sister Kim. Everyone else did the same and so did the boys. Then the plan was set. The girls were a bit nervous that night and tried not to make a big deal out of it. When they finally fell asleep they all dreamed about the consequences.
    The next morning was the big day everyone got up and got ready for the unveiling of their secret. When 9:00 AM came they got ready as the parents arrived. After all the parents arrived Mattie lead them down stairs to the pool room and then had them sit on the chairs they had set up along the wall.
    “I suppose your wondering why we called all of you here today. Well we called this meeting because there’s something that we need to tell you and it might be a big surprise to you all but we’ve been keeping a secret. The only reason we are telling you our biggest secret is because we need your help and we’ll explain that later” Cleo explained “Bella will start since she’s had the secret the longest.”
    “I was nine years old we were living in Ireland my parents were working and I went exploring and found a cave near the coast. I jumped into a pool of seawater and the full moon was out and that’s when water changed me into a mermaid” explained Bella “Cleo, Rikki and Emma will explain their story now.”
    “About three years ago it happened. It started when Zane tricked me into helping me with his boat and he untied it and pushed it off. That’s when Rikki jumped onto the boat and fixed it. She started the boat and when we met Emma we picked her up. We decided to go out to sea and when we were about 10 km off the coast of Mako Island we ran out of fuel and had to paddle to shore. Emma had her cell phone and we tried to find service. When we came across a big rock Rikki and Emma jumped across and I was too nervous then I slipped and fell into a hole. Emma came down and Rikki came behind her that’s when we found a big cave that had seawater in it Emma found an underwater entrance. When we jumped in the moon was passing over the cone of the mako island volcano and that’s when we became mermaids” Cleo explained.
    “We became mermaids in a cave we found when we were diving outside the harbor one day in Harbor Mille and we swam into it and the full moon was out then we only changed last year and every one of us have changed into mermaids in the same type of place and we need to find out if there are more caves like those” Mattie explained.
    “We also found these crystals in those caves and when we became mermaids we got powers as well” explained Rikki
    The girls then jumped in the water and proved their points. Then the girls brought their parents into the gym after they dried off and showed them their powers. After that their parent agreed to help them on their quest and they all left the Gold coast to find out more about the moon pool caves.