When the girls (in the show) use their power's, it must be alot of FUN!!! If i could choose to have one of the following power's: Boil(lightning+fire,)freeze(blizard,)or mounding(wind,) I would have to choose Emma's or Rikki's. I honestly have to say probably Emma's. To freeze and create blizard's. If all the mermaid's got into a fight(not including Charlotte,) I would say Rikki would win. Rikki's got the dangerousest power out of all of them. Emma's got the power that she can handel most, and Cleo's got the power she can trust! Cleo is one of those girl's that is kind of(in a way) scared of the water's force. Now as you know from episode's "Metemorphississ"-"Catch Of The Day," Cleo didn't know how to swim well. But then at the end of Catch of the day, Cleo, Emma, and Rikki showed Lewis that Cleo wasn't and could take a splash into the ocean! Being wild and free! The power's of safty in order go: Cleo, Emma, and then Rikki. Watch episode "Bad Moon Rising" if you do not believe me. Well i think i've made my point!

ps. Bella's new power is to freeze water!