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Review by Monita10044 posted over a year ago
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Can you remember when you first met? What were you first empression of each other?

Cariba: It was our first day of filming and I didn’t have a car in Sydney at the time, so I asked Kate to pick me up. I got us coffee and I just felt really bad about making her come and pick me up.
Kate: Did you really? I thought you were such a cutie!

Kate this is your third season with Blue water High. How have you found working with the different casts?
K: Really good! The first cast was really close and I can see how these guys are very close as well. It’s almost like a mirror image of the first time around.

Did you have any advice for Cariba and the cast this year?
K: I just told them that they weren’t going to be babied.
C: I think from the beginning, people were like, “Prepare to be cold: know that it’s going to be uncomfortable”. And how many times were we freezing our bums off in our bikinis?!
K: I know how that feels. It sucks!
Opinion by Emmma posted over a year ago
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how too dump some one is quiete hard it seems esay but its not.think about somebody dumping u i woulednt like it so if u think that u need to read this for fun or help help youre self!
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3. hold his/her hand and have a cute small voice
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5. when the talking is finshed u can go and for like 1 or 2 or more days u will get upset and sad
6. if u get too sad message me in fanpop so i can help u ( i love helping )
7.after that everything will be finshed but just think if u wana dup a person ok(xxxx thank s for reading!!!! youre the best!!!and please message me if anything goes wrong or u need help!xxxxx
Guide by Scotland197 posted over a year ago
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I have just set up a facebook page based on Jonathan M Shiff Productions which will contain lots of information about his shows, including H2O. There will be interviews, unseen behind the scenes clips and videos.

As well as this there will be a lot of new info about the sequel to H2O, 'Mako Mermaids'

Many episode guides, facts and more will be announced, including such questions as 'will the original mermaids be returning?'


Here is the link.

I hope you will like and enjoy the page.