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h2o_love_ posted on Mar 11, 2009 at 06:23PM
what do you think will there be season 4?woud you like to be season 4?
i think yes.
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over a year ago _h20_mold_cleo said…
big smile
there she BETTTTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR be a season 4! I just <3 this show and bothing could make it better (3000000 thumbs up for h20jaw)! ♥Love h20-.-Always&forever!
over a year ago _h20_mold_cleo said…
and nothing could make itt better* sorry lol.
over a year ago caris94 said…
I really want season 4, but I'm not sure they wanna do this. I hope they will :D
over a year ago H2O-HR said…
I think if it will be season 4,but not with the same actors,cuz Phoebe,Claire and Cariba are too old
over a year ago liridonarama96 said…
Well yeah duuh there must be..cause Zane&Rikki weren't even together...and if it would be really the end it would show all the actors..u know it would be maybe the theme song of h2o and it would show us what happened to all and the parents and the friends it would show us some goodbye u know what I mean...well but I think we just have to wait a lil u know first they have to film the new epi...=) witch defenetelly will be!!!!!
over a year ago emmawalsh123 said…
cant help this! they neeeeed 2 make season 4!:( does any1 agree???
over a year ago mokus said…
please let there b a season 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago peacelovehannah said…
if there isn't i might die
over a year ago emmawalsh123 said…
i really dont want anyone to lose there powers!!!!
over a year ago guuren33 said…
Why can't the plot change along with the actors' age? There will be audience as we are growing and changing too. Fantasy never grows old! Fourth Season! Bring it on!!
over a year ago cata_rea_ra said…
I looked up season four today and it came up with a movie. I don't think it's going to be episodes or seasons but a movie. I am very excited. I can't waith for H20 the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (plus i love in season 3 episode 26 how they save the world)I hope they come up with a good twist.Like maybe they meet a whole hidden race of mermaids hiding in some under water cliffs. Or meet up with that mermaid that saved the world in Irland. Rea I think.Let me check. Opps my bad it's Ava. Pretty name. Maybe they could meet up with Ava. That would be awsome. May be I should stop talking. I am a chatter box. Bye!
over a year ago love_h2o said…
i have heard that there is going to be a season 4 and emma is coming back but there is something bad about that zack ethron is going to be in it!
over a year ago emiliedoucet said…
big smile
sorry for everyone who love the season three,well i dont say I dont like it but something missing like emma...she is my favorite characther and I never see the season 3...but I sure there will be a season 4 i wish!!
over a year ago Dan_07 said…
big smile
<3 please be season 4.. season 4 for liffee.. <33:)
over a year ago miikaru said…
Season 4 please!!

I want Emma and Bella to meet and all 4 mermaids be bffs! even the guys
over a year ago mikethecat said…
big smile
i agree with miikaru !!!!!!!
over a year ago mikethecat said…
and i agree with dan_07 !!!! is your james bond 007 !!! hahaha
over a year ago TwilightFan135 said…
There will not be a season 4. At least not with Claire (Emma) and Cariba (Rikki). Claire Holt has grown up and moved away from that show, so she won't come back. It's the same thing for Cariba Heine, she have also moved on from the show to focus on her movie career. If there's a season 4, they have to replace at least two of the main characters, maybe more. So the chances for a season 4 is very very small.
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over a year ago tiktokk said…
there is season 4 and the real trailer will be soon!
over a year ago Sarah_S said…
Do you have a source? I'd like to believe that a season 4 is coming, but I haven't seen a single official statement. I'm losing hope at this point. :(
over a year ago bluewaterhigh5 said…
They might have season 4 depends what the ending of S3 is like if they should continue or not
over a year ago Isis1412 said…
There should definitely be Season 4 of H2O! It can't just end that way. Emma was not there, Lewis went overseas in the middle of Season 3, Maiko island was destroyed in the Season 3 finale, and Rikki and Zane were not together yet. There should be an answer for these!!! H2O is a story of three ordinary girls who accide...ntally became mermaid with magical powers. It's all about friendship! The three girls should be reunited. They can still enroll in a university. They are only high school graduates. Season 4 come here!!!
over a year ago OMFGxKiaa said…
big smile
I really really REALLY hope they do a season four, or at least a movie to end it all off.
I mean the end of Season 3 was fantastic, but it still left many questions unanswered.
I mean, what happened to Emma? (I know she went away with her folks) but what happened when she came back? Did she get on well with Bella, did she feel left out at all?
Also, they are all growing up, they have graduated highschool so what about college? Did they all go away for college, or did they stay in town and go to the local one?
Also, Rikki and Zane, ADORABLE couple! I would really hope they got back together.
There definatly needs to be atleast a movie to answer all the questions left unanswered.
over a year ago TwilightFan135 said…
^ There will be hard to film a new season or a movie without Emma (Claire) and Rikki (Cariba) since they have left the show.

Emma didn't come back, she moved away to explore the world, which means she doesn't come back.

Please people, just face it. There WON*T be a season 4. How many times do I need to say it?
over a year ago biggestfan132 said…
There will be a season 4 , aperently we should have to wait for a trailer any season from h2o was done in a 9 months or a year so we`ll have to wait! and i think all the girls will be in it.