H2O Just Add Water The Girls Busy With Filming/Show

mikethecat posted on Mar 16, 2011 at 12:08AM

here the girls busy with the filming/tv shows.

claire holt is filming "blue like jazz" her characters name is penny. also her guest star in "pretty little liars" in season one, epiosde 21 "monsters in the end" her characters name is samara. i saw her last night(3/14/2011).

phoebe tonkin is filming in "bait" with cariba heine. phoebe played jamie, cariba played heather. phoebe also anounced will filming "tomorrow, when the war began 2 in 2012.

indiana evans already completed filming "smith(short). she played kia. also indiana will played tv regular series "crownies"

phoebe and cariba already in tv series other tv shows

let you know that i think that h20 might not make in 2011. due all actresses busy with schuedle for filming and tv shows. probably will cancelled h20 or what. so we will see what will happening next or future !!!!

maybe i think will new actress in h20 in future for season 4 or what. don't get me wrong. i can't predicts it.
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