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purplethunder posted on May 02, 2012 at 05:06PM
Well I have a fringe (which means bangs for all you Americans)

Tips/advice/facts etc:
1) Do not grip it back because your fringe can get messy
2) straighten every day
3) It depends on your face shape , if you want a fringe HAVE ONE! but think about what type of fringe , you could have the Freya fringe , which is choppy at the ends! etc
4)NOTICE: your parting may/will part your fringe in 2 , but it still looks good
5) brush it , or it gets scraggly!
6)It looks great with a hairband!

10 hair styles which look good with fringes:

1) High ponytail
2) Bun
3) "fish tale" plait
4) Pig tails
5) curled hair
6) straight hair
7) fuzzed hair
8) Crimped hair
9) 2 loose pony tails
10) side plait


I got a fringe yesterday! My parting has parted my fringe in two , which is natural , it's not odd. It is slouched on my eyebrows. A bit like this:

I like mine a lot, they are not a problem!
Well I have a fringe (which means bangs for all you Americans)<br />
<br />
Tips/advice/facts etc:<br

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