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3 fans answered this question
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LovingLucy said …
You were on Yahoo? I just came back from a staffing interview. Come back on lovey! Posted 2 days ago
HaleyDewit said …
I'm not a very nice person these days. Posted 21 days ago
LovingLucy commented…
Hunnie not tru 2 days ago
LovingLucy commented…
sorry TRUE* 2 days ago
HaleyDewit said …
I dropped a few fanpop user spots today. These are from people who dropped this spot first. These are the spots I dropped:

Any-sj: you're not a fan of my spot, you never thank me. So, I'm gone.

Ari&Rachel: Neither one of you is a fan of my spot anymore and when you were you never really did anything on here. Is it really that hard to return the favor?

Iti/nmdis: Same as Ari&Rachel

I feel like I've done a lot for these spots. And leaving my spot is not the way to say thank you. Posted 26 days ago
LovingLucy commented…
I understand. 2 days ago