I give this book a four! I thought it was very exciting. Lena coping with her uncle Macon’s death was heartbreaking. We are introduced to a few new characters, who are all interesting in their own way. I thought the three sisters were hilarious. The story behind Lucille Ball (obviously named after the iconic I Love Lucy star) was very well-thought, too. The visions were intruiging and Link was there to lighten things up a bit. Ridley being stripped from her powers and becoming human should be interesting for Beautiful Chaos. Same goes for Link, who got bitten by an Incubus. Speaking of which, Ethan is probably the worst best friend ever. First he ‘kidnaps’ Link to go on a Caster mission-yes, on several occasions he gives his friend the opportunity to leave, but he knew it was dangerous to begin with, so if he didn’t want to drag him into it, he should’ve left Link with his giant pig- and then when Link goes to him after he got bitten, the first thing Ethan does is grab Lena and jump out of Link’s reach. Your best friend got bitten and might turn into a blood-sucking monster and this is the best you can do? I also would’ve liked some more Ethan and Lena, but it was fitting that there weren’t as many scenes involving just the two of them as there were in Beautiful Creatures.