A little story I'm gonna make up about the war between the Red and Blue,the origin behind it. And about two surviving spartans from the war,that want to finish the battle,once and for all. It's Duck vs Goose!

Name: Hank Diehard.
Callsign: Duck
Spartan #: 101
Color: Red
Armor: C.Q.B
Helmet: C.Q.B
Favorite weapon: The Battle Rifle.
Motto: "Screw Land,I got the air on my side!"
Favorite vehical: Hornet.
Age: 26.
Favorite Grenade: Frag.

Description: As the war between the Red and Blue Spartans raged,Hank was pretty much the guy in the hornet that would kill you and your team if you think about it. He is practicly the best air vehical driver you would know,his hornet's name is called,'Death from Above'. And for good reason to,he can dodge most things you shoot at him. 'cept snipers,he HATES snipers. "They're just pussys hiding in a dark place,killing most of my friends on the battlefield!" Duck says about Snipers. His rival is none other than Goose116,he HATES Goose,since he always is in most battles,and he can shoot down almost every air vehical he rides in,and survives,except for his Hornet. He still tries to help his Red companions in anyway he can,but,he's in the air most of the time,and focuses on the snipers,and the guy with the big guns. He only gets on the ground when his air vehical is shot down,or their is none to be seen. So yeah,that's Duck for ya.

"Screw LAND I have AIR!"

Love that quote XD