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Operation: Zenith - Welcome Home!  OperationZenith 1 1514 over a year ago
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Ideas for Halo 4?  AlphaAndOmega 4 2442 over a year ago
elites or grunts  ollybearbear 2 1401 over a year ago
Win your copy of Halo 4!!!  MrGiggleButts 1 1706 over a year ago
Halo RP: Living in Hell  BLAMargera123 0 703 over a year ago
Create a UNSC Trooper  BLAMargera123 10 1856 over a year ago
life of a spartan  deathsie 12 518 over a year ago
Join my Halo club  Gricle 0 791 over a year ago
Halo 3 Mini Bust - New in box  StatueCollector 0 962 over a year ago
Halo RP Character Profiles  YugiohFanatic1 1 844 over a year ago
The Forerunner  PePs95 1 304 over a year ago
Poem about Spartans  PePs95 0 1178 over a year ago
Question.  REDWolfleader 3 431 over a year ago
halo facts  tarique00 0 578 over a year ago
Masterchief seceret  Halobiggestfan 0 616 over a year ago
favorite weapons  sir569 11 887 over a year ago
real halo armor  ironkamakaze 0 826 over a year ago
there is a halo wars club  reaper_dude 0 727 over a year ago
Halo RP  YugiohFanatic1 0 644 over a year ago
Cool Online Halo Game FREE!  KiiDD 0 1994 over a year ago
sign up for this!! new, cool fansite  AFluFyMuFFiN 0 281 over a year ago
halo 4  azngunner9 8 954 over a year ago
who wants a spartan series i'll write it if yu guy s will read it  delta117 0 182 over a year ago
online HALO GAME  halochicky 0 1189 over a year ago
NEED 1 CD KEY  supmario 0 879 over a year ago
plz join gianT MONSTERS SPOT OT SITE WHATEVER IT is  izf 0 426 over a year ago
I JUST STARTED A SPOT FOR THE HALO NOVELS!  Avatar-Is-Life 0 408 over a year ago
halo 3 millionare  ItachiUchiha 0 261 over a year ago
halo  danny_d 2 725 over a year ago
peter jackson making a halo movie  alias13 1 674 over a year ago